Men’s Health Month – Interview with Heiko Prade

Men’s Health Month – Interview with Heiko Prade

We wanted to know more about men’s shopping habits and about what they do know about their skin and asked our male colleagues.

Heiko Prade,
Director R&D





Do you know your skin type?

I do have pretty normal skin which however tends to become more dry with age now. Especially during winter time I use more rich creams.

When buying a cosmetic product, do you care about the ingredients?

Of course I do. Over the many years in cosmetic industry I would even say that I have become very picky. Kind of a real nerd when it comes to reading through INCI declarations and comparing products.

Do you buy your cosmetic products or does someone else buy them for you?

I don’t buy much myself but I do make store checks every now and then.  If it happens to be in a perfumery, it could be real funny depending on who is serving me.

Do you use special skin and hair care products for men? Which ones?

Only if it comes to typical men’s hygiene products (pre-/after shaving, perfumes, etc.). I rather select by the labeled composition. Even for hair care products. Buts that’s probably due to the before mentioned reasons.

Heiko, you like to relax while sailing. What do you do to protect your skin from wind and weather during your sailing trips?

Sailing indeed is one of my great passions. Most important product to carry with you before entering a boat is sun protection. On the water your skin gets much higher UV doses. This is because of the radiation being reflected by the surface of the water. A similar situation like during alpine skiing, which I also like a lot in winter. Here it gets even worse with UV levels increasing by 10% every 1000 meters in altitude. The products which will protect you are essentially the same. High SPF lip care and face protection (especially ears), proper clothes and sunglasses.

I stopped doing sun bathing in summer by the way und in case I caught a little too much of the UV-R, I love using a cooling cream gel formulation loaded up with Repair Complex CLR™ PF and MultiMoist CLR™.

Thank you, Heiko!

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