Formulation Lab – Total Balance

Formulation Lab – Total Balance

We developed the “Total Balance” formulation series with the aim to balance the skin as an ecosystem.

All formulations are natural and on trend, providing goal-oriented solutions and emotional well-being for a holistic experience of comfort.


Discover the key ingredients of this concept

CutiBiome CLR

• synergistic complex of manuka, black pepper and magnolia

• calibrates the skin’s ecosystem

• improves well-being through reduction of acne and dandruff




AnnonaSense CLR™

• upcycled from food waste

• balances the skin’s ECS/EVS system

• improves well-being through reduction of skin irritations





ProRenew Complex CLR™

• sustainably produced postbiotic

• safeguards the skin’s ecosystem

• improves well-being through improvement of overall skin quality





MultiMoist CLR™

• natural prebiotic

• maintains osmotic balance

• improves well-being through reduction of skin dryness






The formulations

Pure Balance Bi-Phase Serum

This light Bi-Phase Serum is the perfect step in your morning routine after cleansing. CutiBiome CLR noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones, providing a pure complexion. MultiMoist CLR™ maintains the osmotic balance of skin whereas AnnonaSense CLR™ establishes a homeostatic balance, leaving skin less sensitive and comfortably soothed.

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Pure Balance Day Care

This light cream is the ideal care for stressed skin. CutiBiome CLR provides a goal-oriented solution for oily and acne-prone skin. It supports skin in regaining the natural balance with its microbiota and perceivably reduces sebum. ProRenew Complex CLR™ works in synergy with CutiBiome in re-balancing the skin microbiota. It actively promotes desquamation, the shedding of dead skin cells – an important feature in formulations for acne skin. MultiMoist CLR™ is a smart moisturizer instantly protecting skin from drying out.

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Back to Balance Eye Serum

The appearance of your eye area is an important feature of the way you are perceived by others. Busy lifestyles and a lack of sleep can easily make you look tired. This highly effective serum supports you to look your best in one simple step. MultiMoist CLR™ deeply hydrates skin. JuvenEye CLR™ clearly reduces the visibility of dark circles and activates dermal draining for less puffy eyes.  AnnonaSense CLR™ supports the delicate skin in regaining its homeostatic balance, making skin less sensitive and completely relaxed.

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Hydra Balance Body Bar

Skin dryness is a common phenomenon. To keep your skin smooth and hydrated it is important to use an effective moisturizer. Solid formats are on trend because of their sustainability aspects but still often doubted for their efficacy. This easy-to-use Body Bar contains MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte to establish a long-lasting osmotic balance in skin. The formula easily melts on the skin and provides a luxurious velvety skin feel.

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HappyHands Moisture Intense Bar

Hands are easily stressed though exposure to harsh weather conditions and frequent washing. To keep them smooth and soft they need extra care. The Hand Cream Bar provides a sustainable solution whether at home or on the go. Prebiotic MultiMoist CLR™ deeply hydrates hands and eases skin discomfort caused by dry skin. The cream bar has a melting texture and will leave your hands soft and moisturized without leaving an oily feeling or a greasy film.

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Night Balance Face Oil

Provides the ideal care for acne skin at nighttime. This oil is easily absorbed and quickly leaves skin smooth without any greasy feeling. It balances the skin´s natural lipid production. CutiBiome CLR calibrates the skin’s ecosystem. During sleep when skin regenerates, it effectively and perceivably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones for a pure complexion in the morning. Vitamin F forte nurtures and protects skin. It potently supports the skin in rebuilding and maintaining its healthy structure and functionality.

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Pure Balance Overnight Scalp Oil

Dandruff goes hand in hand with inflammation and an oily and irritated scalp. Itching scalp interrupts a relaxing and deep sleep during night. To effectively soothe the irritated scalp and to act on the core problems of dandruff, applying an overnight scalp treatment is an intelligent approach. CutiBiome CLR reduces scalp itch and ensures a relaxing sleep. It potently reduces scalp oiliness and dandruff. Calendula Oil CLR and Carrot Oil CLR support CutiBiome in its work. This scalp oil is easily absorbed and leaves a non-greasy feeling on scalp.

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