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We are serious about our responsibility to society and the environment and ensure that our active ingredients contribute to the formulation of products that are not only good for the consumer, but also for our planet. We pursue a holistic and well-founded approach to responsible research. Our market-relevant new products with innovative concepts for their application are developed in consideration of their environmental impact across their entire life cycle.

Natural raw materials and active processes are the starting point for our product development initiatives and are an essential part of our products. Technologically, we largely focus on innovative biotechnological processes. We continuously look for new ways to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible and have already been able to reduce our energy consumption in many processes.


We run fermentation processes using different microorganisms, with a focus on probiotic bacteria and algae. All these processes preserve natural resources.

Using biotechnological processes enables us to obtain highly effective compounds for our active ingredients from only small amounts of raw material.



Fermentation, purification and fragmentation to obtain CLR’s postbiotic lysates require extreme precision and total control of the process parameters. High-tech equipment and highly educated production personnel allow for goal-oriented and sustainable production. We have more than 40 years of experience in this field.


CutiGuard CLR™ is based on an extremophilic red alga, Galdieria sulphuraria. It naturally occurs in hot volcanic sulfur springs in extremely hostile environments.

We preserve natural resources and grow the algae for CutiGuard CLR™ locally and sustainably in Germany. A cleverly designed, extremely efficient and sustainable fermentation process leads to a highly efficacious hydrolyzed extract of Galdieria sulphuraria, which is at the core of CutiGuard CLR™.

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Around one-third of the world’s food, or 1.3 billion tons per year, is lost to waste. In Circular Beauty food waste is used to create eco-conscious beauty products. In line with its sustainability strategy, CLR has recognized the tremendous potential of waste valorization.

AnnonaSense CLR™ is obtained from Annona cherimola, common name Cherimoya, an edible fruit originating from South America. In Spain, the cherimoya fruit is cultivated for the food industry. However, as the cherimoya fruit is very sensitive, many fruits are not suitable for the food industry and remain unused. In cooperation with local farmers, CLR uses these crop losses to produce a highly effective adaptogenic cosmetic ingredient: AnnonaSense CLR™.

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We develop and produce innovative active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. With our new guidelines, we have created the basis for sustainable product development, which is anchored in our integrated management system.

We only use raw materials of natural origin in our processes. Exceptions are substances that are currently not substitutable for (microbiological) stabilization and are only used in low concentrations (<5%). “Green standards” such as COSMOS, NATRUE or ISO 16128 are used for classification.

Greatest possible product compatibility for the users (confirmed by in vitro and in vivo studies) is just as important to us as the effects on the environment. This includes avoiding contamination with ecotoxic or poorly degradable substances, a conscious use of energy resources and the efficient use of water and raw materials.


For all future new product developments, we have adopted the following guidelines:

Raw materials

  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Compliance with Nagoya protocol and EU Regulation 511/2014
  • Not part of the CITES or IUCN red lists
  • No raw materials which lead to deforestation and monoculture
  • Transparency in the supply chain

Process development

  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Minimization of CO2 production
  • Minimization of waste



  • Minimization of use and development of ecotoxic materials
  • Maximum biodegradability of end product




Our products have obtained several certificates, such as Cosmos, Ecocert and NaTrue:



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