Repair Complex CLR™ PF

Repair Complex CLR™ PF is a biotechnological anti-aging active, obtained from a lysate of probiotic bifidobacteria, which potently protects against UV-induced damage in the skin. UV radiation leads to skin cell damage and immunosuppression, a deactivation of the local immune system in the skin.

By effectively activating anti-immunosuppressive processes on the cellular level, Repair Complex CLR™ PF increases cellular repair and potently supports the skin’s endogenous protection mechanisms. Repair Complex CLR™ PF thus counteracts premature skin aging, i.e. photoaging.

INCI Name :

Bifida Ferment Lysate

Dosage :

5.0 – 10.0%

pH range :

3.8 – 7.0

Solubility :


Preservation :

phenoxyethanol and sodium benzoate

  • skin protection

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