AnnonaSense CLR™

As a neurocosmetic active ingredient, AnnonaSense CLR™ acts at the top of the hierarchy of the skin’s immune system. As an agonist for the CB2 receptor it reduces TRPV1-induced and other inflammatory processes. AnnonaSense CLR™ has a strong influence on the entire skin-brain-endocrine feedback loop. It perceivably improves the look and comfort of skin and it reduces psychological stress and improves quality of sleep. Consequentially, it reduces the production of cortisol inside the body and, lastly and making this loop complete, it acts against the negative effects of systemic cortisol on skin by improving skin health.

AnnonaSense CLR™ is a natural and upcycled ingredient. It is obtained from Annona cherimola, common name Cherimoya, an edible fruit originating from South America.


INCI Name :

Annona Cherimola Fruit Extract

Dosage :


pH range :

> 5.2

Solubility :


Preservation :

Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenylpropanol
COSMOS approved raw material. NATRUE-certified. Halal-certified. CLR Certificates


• soothing, calming, anti-stress
• scalp care

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