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Go East!

Two of the key drivers for innovation in the APAC region are skin health and wellness. There is a rising awareness of the impact lifestyle factors can have on skin health and a greater focus on wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis. Product safety and efficacy are also key for consumers.

As 70% of female users of facial skincare products in China associate natural formulas as safer for skin, more eco and apt for sensitive skin, there is a growing demand for natural solutions. In China, 90% of body care product users place importance on natural ingredients, and 78% of South Koreans would like to see more innovative sustainability ideas from big brands.*

We at CLR always aim to develop highly effective solutions with the power of nature – for modern active ingredients catering for the needs of demanding consumers.

*all data according to Mintel/ Lightspeed

Learn more about our approach…

Find your natural solution

Natural anti-dandruff solution

CutiBiome CLR™

  • Based on ancient wisdom and next generation skin microbiota research
  • Acts on the core problems of skin dysbiosis
  • Potently acts against dandruff and scalp sensitivity
  • Actively supports the scalp microbiome to return to a healthy state

Innovative scalp care formulations

Natural solution for sensitive skin

AnnonaSense CLR™

  • Based on the power of a superfruit
  • Potentiates the skin’s endocannabinoid system
  • Goal-oriented solution for balanced skin

Derma IQ Skin Relief Toner

Natural solution for healthy aging

ProRenew Complex CLR™

  • Postbiotic solution, sustainably produced, with convincing efficacy
  • Improves skin quality and health
  • Protects the skin’s delicate ecosystem

Biotic Smart Aging Cream

Natural glow

Belides™ ORG

  • Obtained from organic daisy flowers
  • Reduces skin pigmentation by influencing 5 different cellular pathways
  • Lightens and evens skin tone
  • Reduces visibility of age spots

Hydra Brightening Serum

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