Men’s Health Month – Interview with Axel Bandow

Men’s Health Month – Interview with Axel Bandow

We wanted to know more about men’s shopping habits and about what they do know about their skin and asked our male colleagues.

Axel Bandow,
International Technical Sales Manager, Eastern Europe




Do you know your skin type?

Yes, fortunately I have pretty normal skin.

When buying a cosmetic product, do you care about the ingredients?

Absolutely, I always look on the INCI list – probably a consequence of working in the cosmetics industry for many years.

Do you buy your cosmetic products or does someone else buy them for you?

I buy them myself.

Do you use special skin and hair care products for men? Which ones?

I don’t use specialized products for hair and body care but when it comes to face care I rely on my favorite men care products.

Axel, you go swimming several times a week to keep you fit. This means a lot of time in chlorine water and frequent showering and washing hair. How do you protect your skin?

In fact, I try to protect my skin from drying out in the best possible way. For this I use a rich body lotion, which additionally contains active ingredients that repair the skin. MultiMoist CLR™ and Repair Complex CLR™ are a very effective combination.

Thank you, Axel!

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