Nuestro equipo de marketing revisa constantemente las tendencias que sigue el mercado y trabaja en conceptos de marketing basados en éstas. Déjate inspirar por las historias de marketing que proponemos , siempre respaldadas por nuestro conocimiento científico.

Don’t be an ideal, just be you!

At CLR, our aim is not to serve short-lived trends, but to improve people’s well-being and quality of life. We want to help people all over the world to feel comfortable in their skin and give them the basis for finding themselves beautiful – however they define beauty for themselves.

A walk through nature

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Dream of a sunny summer day… Urbanization is a global phenomenon. Around 57% of the world’s population lives…

Happy Skin, Happy You

Trends such as self-care, inclusivity and personalization are further steps into the right direction. But how can we as cosmetic ingredients supplier support this movement of more body positivity?

Time to shine

Enjoy the festive season The holidays are approaching and lights are twinkling everywhere. When we get together with family and friends to celebrate, we also…

Male Grooming

The men’s personal care market has been growing steadily for years, mainly driven by men’s interest in personal hygiene essentials such as shampoos and deodorants….

Female Health

Women never talked about female problems such as menstrual pain or menopause. New generations have more courage and do talk about “private” problems in public….

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