World Environment Day – protecting biodiversity on our planet and our skin

World Environment Day – protecting biodiversity on our planet and our skin

June 5th is World Environment Day. This year’s theme “biodiversity” reminds us that humans are just one of 8 million species on earth and that we are all connected and should live in symbiosis with each other and our environment. We need to remember that this complex web of interdependencies is vulnerable and it is our responsibility as manufacturers and humans to protect the inestimably valuable biodiversity of our planet and preserve its balance.

The human body itself is a complex biodiverse ecosystem. Our skin is habitat to hundreds of different bacterial species known as the skin microbiome and with many of them we live in symbiosis. We need each other for survival. The skin microbiome is crucial for the health of our skin: the microbes living on and in skin help our skin to perform its primary function as a strong barrier against environmental threats and, importantly, keeps it looking young, smooth and attractive.

In over 40 years of studying the potential of beneficial bacteria for our skin, CLR has achieved a high level of expertise. We are continually developing this technology, learning more about what probiotic bacteria can do for the skin and how they interact with us.

One of the results of our research is the development of our active ingredient ProRenew Complex CLR™. It is based on a lysate of Lactococcus lactis and produced sustainably through fermentation without extracting resources from the environment. It protects the quality and biodiversity of the skin without interfering with the biodiversity of our planet.

Another natural product which originates from our research into the skin microbiome, CutiBiome CLR, provides essential support for regaining the natural balance between skin and its microbiota in difficult situations, like acne and dandruff.

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Discover our active ingredients for microbiome skincare: CutiBiome CLR and ProRenew Complex CLR™

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