PhytoDefenseTM CLR

PhytoDefense CLRTM is designed for the pre- and post-treatment of sensitive skin. It strongly and positively influences the most important features of sensitive skin, neurogenic inflammation and mechanical stress-induced erythema.

The most important factor of sensitive skin is a sensation of burning, stinging or prickling, the so-called neurogenic inflammation, often accompanied by redness. Mechanical stress is yet another very well-known cause of erythema in sensitive skin. For example friction from clothes, shoes or diapers as well as working with the hands, waxing and, most well known of all, shaving.

To address this problematic skin, it is essential to combat neurogenic inflammation and erythema. PhytoDefense CLRTM is a lipophilic active based on the bark of southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) which is native to the southeastern United States and known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Indian Ayurveda and Japanese Kampo medicine for its calming and soothing properties.