CutiFine CLR™

CutiFine CLR™ refines skin texture and complexion with soft focus. Conspicuous skin pores are a great concern for consumers, especially for those who have oily and combination skin. As skin ages, skin pores become also more pronounced, making skin pores the latest anti-aging skincare goal for consumers and skincare brands alike.

Based on a synergistic combination of extracts of Vaccaria segetalis (Cowherb) and Adansonia digitata (Baobab) pulp, CutiFine CLR™ is an all-natural, safe and effective skincare active which goes to the core of the causes leading to conspicuous pores.  It works on all important biological processes which lead to pore enlargement, but also reduces the color contrast of the pores with the surrounding skin, an until now largely overlooked but essential feature. CutiFine CLR™ constitutes an all-in-one approach to reduce the conspicuousness of pores.

INCI Name :

Water, Gypsophila Vaccaria Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Adansonia Digitata Pulp Extract

CHINA CosIng:* Water, Vaccaria Segetalis (Cowherb) Extract, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Pulp Extract
*The INCI name Vaccaria Segetalis Extract should be the preferred option when CHINA compliance is needed.

Dosage :


pH range :

< 6.5

Solubility :


Preservation :

stabilized with pentylene glycol and phenylpropanol

COSMOS approved raw material. NATRUE-certified. Halal-certified. CLR Certificates

• anti-wrinkle, firming, smoothing
• skin regeneration

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