First line of defense

First line of defense

The outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, is the bodyguard of our skin, the largest organ in our body. The skin barrier protects the underlying skin from external influences and at the same time keeps water inside. When the skin’s barrier is compromised by variables such as excessive cleaning, external factors, and the natural aging process, skin becomes more prone to redness and irritation. Interestingly, a new barrier function related to skin has emerged in the last few years. Both scientifically and conceptually, the skin microbiome is now recognized as our “first line of defense” for skin and our body. We at CLR have written multiple papers on the skin microbiome and we refer to these papers for more details, but it is worth mentioning that the quality of our skin microbiome as a “first line of defense” depends fully on the epidermal differentiation process.Active ingredients are needed to effectively support the skin renewal processes, reduce irritation and create an osmotic balance in order to sustainably strengthen the skin barrier.

Skincare products can play a positive role for the quality of the skin microbiome, the skin’s barrier function, and thus its most important “cosmetic features,” its feel and look. Different approaches can be taken, depending on the type of skin for which the skincare product is intended.

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Three goal-oriented approaches for a healthy skin barrier

Accelerated skin barrier recovery

Based on postbiotic technology, ProRenew Complex CLR™ has been proven to support the skin in restoring its healthy barrier function more quickly. In addition, ProRenew Complex CLR ™ effectively protects and balances the skin microbiota.

Healthy homeostasis – the basis for a healthy barrier function

With the natural power of a super fruit, AnnonaSense CLR™ sustainably stabilizes a homeostasis in the skin. Irritated skin is effectively soothed and balanced. This balance forms the basis for a healthy barrier function in the skin.

Sustainable osmotic balance for a strengthened skin barrier

MultiMoist CLR™ is a natural and smart moisturizer that provides the skin with quick and long-lasting moisture and creates a sustainable osmotic balance. The skin is effectively prevented from drying out and the skin’s barrier function is strengthened.

Care for your skin barrier:

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