On the occasion of the Olympic Games in Paris, the world of sports is claiming the spotlight. This summer, it’s all about the Olympic spirit, the peaceful coming together of nations, dedication, and enthusiasm. It’s about athletes pushing themselves to their limits, surpassing their own accomplishments, and achieving new personal best performances.

For consumers, who have had an increasingly holistic understanding of health and well-being for years, sports also play an important role in everyday life. Sporting activity is undeniably healthy and has many positive effects on our bodies.  Furthermore, exercise not only reduces stress but also enhances our general wellbeing.

Physical Health

Sports offer numerous benefits for physical health, contributing to overall well-being and longevity. They strengthen muscles and bones, and improve the functioning of our hearts and lungs. They boost our immune system and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Additionally, exercising improves balance, coordination and flexibility. Altogether, regular physical activity promotes a healthier, longer life with fewer risks of injuries and diseases.

Mental Health

But sports are not only beneficial for our physical health; they also play a crucial role in enhancing our mental well-being. Starting with something as simple as taking walks can mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety by lifting our mood and providing a sense of calm. Moreover, regular participation in sports is known to improve sleep quality, leading to more restorative rest and more energetic days. Engaging in team sports enhances our social skills and fosters valuable connections with others. Additionally, embracing new challenges and observing our gradual improvement can significantly boost our self-confidence. Furthermore, sports activities are linked to improved cognitive abilities, such as better concentration, sharper memory, and enhanced problem-solving skills, contributing to a more focused and efficient mind.

Inner strength

Sports challenge us both physically and mentally, requiring discipline, dedication, and persistence, and thereby help us to uncover how strong we really are. When physical and mental health come together, it is the key to enduring success, whether you aim to stay fit or push your limits. Sports do not only enhance the strength of our muscles; they also help us foster resilience to remain calm and focused in the face of challenges and to approach everyday hurdles with confidence. Being strong means finding our focus and learning to trust in our capabilities. Inner strength is the silent force that drives us to persevere, inspiring us to strive for excellence in every aspect of our lives.

Whether you are a beginner, a regular at the gym, or a professional athlete – our goals in sports are highly individual. Regardless of whether you aim to stay fit or train for a marathon, success always starts in the mind. Rising from the sofa to conquer your inner couch potato, or pushing past your limits to win a competition, mental strength is just as important as physical fitness.

Being a professional athlete often places immense strain on one’s mental health. Particularly during important competition like the Olympics, the desire to showcase your best performance is imperative, given the years of dedicated preparation. In these moments, the pressure can be overwhelming, heightening the risk of depression and burnout.

But there are also psychological challenges for amateur athletes, particularly when it comes to body image and appearance. The unrealistic beauty standards promoted by media, especially by fitness influencers on social media, can make us feel self-conscious about our appearance or weight. This often discourages people from even starting to go to the gym or the pool, worried they don’t fit the fitness ideal.

Stereotypes still often determine our perceptions, dictating not only what athletes should look like but also which sports are deemed appropriate for each gender. Women in rugby and men in ballet still encounter prejudice and young girls and boys might even not try these sports in fear of being bullied.

At CLR, we have the consumer in mind right from the start of the development of our active ingredients. We analyze which skin problems consumers have and develop solutions. Our aim is not to serve short-lived trends, but to improve people’s wellbeing and quality of life. With all our expertise, we create active ingredients that are highly effective, sustainable, safe and relevant to the consumer. Our focus ranges from prevention to the treatment of already acute problems, always with a focus on the health of the skin. With this approach, we help people all over the world to feel comfortable in their skin and give them the basis for finding themselves beautiful – however they define beauty for themselves.

In addition to the positive aspects of sport for physical and mental health, consumers also see a clear link between sport and appearance.

Skin problems can also have a negative impact on our psyche. Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis not only cause physical discomfort but also carry psychological ramifications that extend beyond surface.

For athletes, whose bodies are subjected to intense physical activity and environmental stressors, skin issues can exacerbate feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity. The visibility of skin conditions, particularly in sports that require exposure of the body, can amplify the pressure to conform to societal standards of beauty and perfection.

Furthermore, the discomfort and pain associated with skin issues can detract from an athlete’s ability to focus and perform optimally. The constant distraction of itching, irritation, and inflammation can undermine confidence and disrupt concentration, hindering performance on the field, court, or track.

Whether you are fit as a fiddle, have yet to overcome your inner bastard, wear a size XXS or XXL, have only one leg, play soccer on the street, skate with your friends, do yoga at home or train for a marathon – you set the goal, your will determines your success! We help you to always feel comfortable in your skin and to be up to all challenges. Don’t let skin issues stop you! Be Your Own Hero!

Athletes’ expectations on cosmetic products:

1. Easy To Use – Products should integrate seamlessly into their training program
2. Multifunctional – Products should minimize tedious steps in the skincare routine thus save time and money.
3. High Performance Results – Those who give their all to their athletic performance also expect maximum results from their skincare products.

Athletes’ expectations on skin benefits

1. Hydration
2. Anti-redness/ Healthy Glow
3. Photoprotection
4. Anti-acne/ Clogged Pores
5. Skin Barrier Support

Go for performance-driven results and feel the winning touch with CLR active ingredients that redefine excellence. Be Your Own Hero! Discover formulations designed to make you feel like a true champion every day!

Born To Win Protection Serum

We are ready to win and give our all, to surpass ourselves physically. To ensure our skin doesn’t let us down, it needs optimum protection. The Born To Win Protection Serum pampers us with fine microbubbles and a pleasant fragrance.

CutiGuard CLR™ protects the skin from the first signs of aging. AnnonaSense CLR™ establishes a sustainable homeostasis in the skin, reduces stress and improves well-being. MultiMoist CLR™ provides the skin with immediate and long-lasting moisture and helps us make the most of the vitamin D we get – especially in times when we are not outside much.

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I’m Ready 3in1 Foundation

We also want to look good during sport, but using make-up and foundation during exercising is often difficult. Sweating can clog pores and dry skin in particular can be prone to increased moisture loss. The I’m Ready 3in1 Foundation provides a foundation to powder texture that leaves the skin feeling pleasantly light and velvety.

The combination of three intelligent active ingredients provides the skin with intensive and long-lasting moisture, reduces excess sebum and effectively protects the skin from the first signs of aging. At the same time, the evenness of the skin tone is not only improved immediately by the pigments it contains, but also in the long term and sustainably by CutiGuard CLR™.

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I’m Unstoppable Natural Sun Care

Exercising outside is healthy and can boost our mood, especially when the sun is shining, but at the same time UV radiation leads to premature skin aging.  Optimal protection is essential. The I’m Unstoppable Natural Sun Care protects the skin with a theoretical sun protection factor of 30.

G+C Complex CLR™ effectively activates anti-immunosuppressive processes on the cellular level and increases cellular repair mechanisms.

CutiFine CLR™ acts on all processes which make pores larger and more noticeable. It regulates the color of pores and refines skin texture and complexion with soft focus. In combination with light pigments it provides a photo-ready finish.

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I’m A Champion Relaxing Body Balm

As a champion, you have to give your best. And your skin can suffer from time to time. The I’m A Champion Body Balm gives your skin everything it needs so that you can give your all.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ safeguards the skin’s ecosystem and improves overall skin quality and health. The gentle warming effect of the balm helps to relax the muscles. The relaxing effect is supported by AnnonaSense CLR™. It establishes a sustainable homeostasis in the skin, reduces stress and improves overall wellbeing.

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Find Your Strength Regenerating Night Care

After a long day in which we have given our all, our body and mind need to rest. Restful sleep is important to gain inner strength and perform at our best the next day. At night, also our skin is in regeneration mode.

G+C Complex CLR™ acts on UV-induced immunosuppression and brings balance to the circadian rhythm of skin cells, allowing for effective DNA repair. ProRenew Complex CLR™ safeguards the skin’s ecosystem and improves overall skin quality and health. AnnonaSense CLR™ establishes a sustainable homeostasis in the skin, reduces stress and improves sleep quality.

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