Virtual Exhibition Autumn Edition 2021


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Welcome to our new Virtual Exhibition!

In our Autumn Edition 2021 we present solutions for a “Happy Scalp and Happy Hair”. We invite you to learn more about skin’s barrier functions in “First Line of Defense”. We take a look at “What Women Want” and discuss aspects of female skin health. In “Your Perfect Zoom Face Routine” we showcase formulations that let you present yourself in the best possible way in your next video call. And we highlight the latest APAC trends in “Go East”.

Happy scalp, happy hair

Consumers are increasingly aware that the health and balance of the scalp is essential for healthy hair. Discover solutions for a happy scalp and happy hair…

First line of defense

The outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, is the bodyguard of our skin. Explore goal-oriented approaches for a healthy skin barrier…

What women want

The focus on sexual health and intimate care is increasing, vaginal balance, menstrual health and menopause are topics which get more public attention today…

Your perfect Zoom face routine

Never before have we had to see ourselves as often as in the many online meetings over the past year and a half. Discover formulations that help you present yourself in the best possible way…

Go East!

Two of the key drivers for innovation in the APAC region are skin health and wellness. Explore our natural solutions– inspired by Asian beauty trends…

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