Yin & Yang – the quest for holistic balance

Yin & Yang – the quest for holistic balance

Yin & Yang describes a concept of dualism. For the perfect harmony, the opposites must be in an individual balance. It is an ancient philosophy that is also used in TCM. Why does it fit so well with modern lifestyles?

Modern lifestyles are busy. Concerns about health of body and mind play an important role. Covid-19 has increased the need for holistic health and well-being.

The connection of Yin & Yang with Asia opens up the opportunity of immersing ourselves in foreign rituals in a time when traveling is impossible. Self-care rituals following the idea of Yin & Yang provide a comforting counterbalance to a stressful everyday life.

In a complex world there is a profound need to go back to nature, balance and simplicity. Based on ancient wisdom, Yin & Yang is clearly linked to terms such as proven, safe and familiar. Yin & Yang’s importance in TCM gives it even more credibility.

Balance is not only important for our mood it is also important for our skin and its microbiota

Urban and unhealthy lifestyles, working and living indoors, they all have a big impact on skin. A lack of exposure to the sun and the dry environment we live in, compromises the quality of the skin significantly. Skin becomes dry, more sensitive and looks less healthy and aged. Our skin’s immune competence, barrier function and microbiota are strained and are constantly working in maintaining their natural balance.

Psychological stress is a common trigger for skin irritation, redness and tension, which further reduce well-being.

The goal is to bring back balance

To achieve this, highly effective ingredients are needed that gain consumer trust. They should be scientifically proven, natural, safe and should  provide emotional well-being.

We at CLR develop active ingredients based on our long and profound expertise and always with the consumer in mind. To illustrate how our active ingredients can fit into a Yin & Yang concept we created the Find Joy formulation series with the aim to combine playful textures and calming scents with goal-oriented efficacy for a holistic experience and a little break from everyday life.


Discover the key ingredients of our formulation series:

CutiBiome CLR™

  • based on ancient wisdom and skin microbiota research
  • acts at the core problems of skin dysbiosis
  • supports the skin microbiota to return to its normal healthy state

AnnonaSense CLR™

  • adaptogenic approach
  • establishes a homeostatic balance
  • improves overall well-being through effective reduction of skin irritations

ProRenew Complex CLR™

  • postbiotic solution
  • improves overall skin quality and health
  • protects skin‘s delicate ecosystem

MultiMoist CLR™

  • natural prebiotic approach
  • with vitamin D like effects
  • maintains skin‘s osmotic balance

For more Yin & Yang in your life discover our Find Joy formulation series.

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