World Microbiome Day

World Microbiome Day

On June 27th we celebrate World Microbiome Day and this year’s theme is diversity. It reminds us of the importance of microbial multiplicity and to explore and protect the diversity of microbes in animals, soils, water, in our bodies and on our skin.

The skin is our organ with the most diverse microbiota. It is habitat to up to one billion bacteria per square centimeter. Their composition is highly complex: Some of them do not interact with us, a few of them are pathogenic and with some of them we live in beneficiary symbiosis.

The microbiome is crucial for the health of our skin: The microbes help our skin to perform its primary function as a strong barrier against environmental threats and, importantly, keep it looking young, smooth and attractive.
But our skin microbiome is constantly challenged by inner and outer stressors. Fortunately, it is robust and, similarly to our skin, renews itself.
Our active ingredient ProRenew Complex CLR™ supports and protects the diversity of the skin microbiota against daily stresses and helps to regain and maintain its healthy balance quicker and more effectively.

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