The smart way of aging

The smart way of aging

Aging is a fact of life. The perception of age and beauty is changing dramatically, though. Most of today’s consumers are pretty well aware of all the factors that accelerate the processes of skin aging. That is why people start to use anti-aging skincare and to protect their skin from negative influences at increasingly younger age. To keep the skin healthy and in balance at every age is everybody’s goal.

This new mentality challenges the anti-aging skin care market. Modern aging consumers are more interested in multifunctional products to keep skin moisturized and healthy, targeting their individual skin issues, and increasingly skeptical about ‘fluffy’ marketing and claims, which promise miracles.

To create successful skincare products you need actives with proven efficacy, clearly communicated benefits and with a focus on improving overall skin quality and appearance for a smarter way of aging.


Millennials (25-34 and 35-44)

Millennial and Gen Z consumers are open to trying new products and brands, and they are willing to add additional steps to their routines, making them key audiences in the beauty space.

  • 67% of Millenials prefer to purchase eco-friendly beauty products*
  • 56% of Millenials are interested in the clean beauty trend*
  • 40% of Millenials research beauty brands before purchasing*

Skin skills 25+

  • Skin aging starts in a person’s mid 20’s
  • When you have been exposed to sunlight a lot, these processes can start even sooner
  • At this age, the aging processes might not have led to visible signs of skin aging yet, but the processes which lead to these are on their way
  • Support for and protection of skin against influences which can accelerate the skin aging processes is an important ‘anti-aging’ approach to have with skincare products

Our recommendation

As Unique As Me DIY Mask

Every person has different skin issues and the individual skin needs can vary even from day to day or from season to season. A perfect solution for an individual skin care is a face mask which can be adapted to the current skin needs. The powder base with MultiMoist CLR™ and CutiBiome CLR™ can be mixed with water to receive a perfect creamy basic care with moisturizing and balancing effects. Once applied, it leaves skin with a refreshing cooling effect.

For personalization some drops of Belides™ ORG, ProRenew Complex CLR™ or AnnonaSense CLR™ can be added to the powder base to achieve different results.

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Skin skills 35+

  • At this age the first visible signs of aging become apparent
  • Skin starts to lose a bit of its firmness and tone and shallow wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth, can become visible
  • Hair might start to thin and become gray, partially
  • Adult acne is a real concern for women in this age group
  • Skin has started to become a bit thinner and less plump

Our recommendation

Pure Balance Bi-Phase Serum

This light Bi-Phase Serum is the perfect step in your morning routine after cleansing. CutiBiome CLR™ noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones, providing a pure complexion. MultiMoist CLR™ maintains the osmotic balance of skin whereas AnnonaSense CLR™ establishes a homeostatic balance, leaving skin less sensitive and comfortably soothed.

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Generation X (45-54)

As Generation X comes to terms with aging, they will look for ways to ensure they are living a healthful lifestyle. Fear of exposure to COVID-19 will only expedite their focus on wellness.

  • 79% of Generation X prefer to buy products which were recommended by a person they trust*
  • 43% of Generation X purchase clean beauty products because they think they are safer than traditional products*
  • 61% of the Generation X decide to purchase the product which is easier to use when they have different options*

Skin skills 45+

  • Visible signs of aging are now clearly apparent
  • Wrinkles become clearly visible and the skin has started to suffer from sagging
  • For people who have been exposed to sunlight a lot, uneven pigmentation can become a problem.
  • Skin is now becoming clearly thinner and the number of pores in the face starts to increase
  • More than in the past, skin dries out more easily and skin can become more sensitive

Our recommendation

Brightening Skin Cream

An even skin town is getting more important with the time you age. Our rich Brightening Skin Cream will improve visibly the ap­pearance of your skin and give you a bright radiant and youthful look.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ works from the ‘bottom up’ and supports the biological mechanisms inside the skin which are responsible for its renewal processes. Belides™ ORG provides a natural and highly effective way of skin lightening. It reduces pig­mentation by influencing 5 different cellular pathways, providing skin with an even skin tone.

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Baby Boomers (55-74)

Immunologically, the skin has now started to become weaker, in essence showing a decreased ability to deal with problems which the skin is exposed to.

  • 80% of women aged 55+in France agree that feeling comfortable is more important than looking perfect*
  • 62% of Baby Boomers used anti-aging products within the last 12 months*
  • 47% of Baby Boomers in the US say they care about brands and companies representing their personal values*

Skin skills 55+

  • The menopause has had big implications for skin
  • Essentially, through menopause, the aging processes in the skin have been accelerated
  • The main challenges for this age group are that the skin has lost a lot of its firmness and elasticity and skin is dry
  • Uneven pigmentation is now clearly visible

Our recommendation

Age Spot Improvement Mask

With age, the skin changes with each year. The even skin tone becomes more irregular and the skin tone is more and more determined by pigment disorders such as age spots. With the combination of MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex and Belides™ ORG we created a perfect companion for skin in its best years.

MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex contains a balanced combination of ingredients which are naturally present in our bodies. Skin is nurtured and nourished. It becomes more resilient, healthier and visibly smoother. Belides™ ORG provides a natural and highly effective way of skin lightening. It reduces pig­mentation by influencing 5 different cellular pathways, providing skin with an even skin tone.

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Silver Agers in focus

The generation of the Silver Agers is 55 plus today. Not only do they make up a significant proportion of the population in many countries around the world, they are also the target group with the highest disposable income. While the cosmetics industry is discovering menopausal women and getting closer to their needs, the older silver agers over 65 are still often overlooked as a target group. In contrast to Millennials or Generation Z, they are more loyal to a brand and product. The older they are, the more likely they are to buy the same products over and over, regardless of the price. According to Mintel, the share of brand and product loyal consumers aged 75 and over is even 72%. So convincing them and winning them over as a customer is definitely attractive. However, it is not easy.

They know what they want and don’t let themselves be seduced by fluffy marketing stories – especially since these are rarely tailored to them. Instead, they want to know what works and why and, in addition to their brand loyalty, are very result-oriented.

They suffer particularly from the many contact restrictions during the pandemic and feel lonely. In addition to the mental aspect, health plays an essential role for this age group. Older adults recognize how their physical health can influence how they look. As a result, older adults seek products that offer both appearance and health-related benefits, supporting their entire well-being.

To create successful skincare products for them, you need actives with proven efficacy, clearly communicated benefits and with a focus on improving overall skin quality, such as our ProRenew Complex CLR™ or MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex.

Skin with 65+

  • Wrinkles are omnipresent, uneven pigmentation can now become problematic, a burden
  • Skin has lost a large part of its immunological capacity. Processes with which the skin solves immunological challenges, which would normally take place without the initiation of inflammation, are now stressful. Skin is more sensitive and less robust/tolerant than in the past. Damage of the skin is not easily repaired as it was in the past
  • Skin is now clearly thinner and tends to be much drier
  • Skin also has lost its plumpness and volume

Consumer 65+

  • 68% (65+) are embracing the aging process*
  • 45% (75+) agree that their beauty and personal care routine has simplified*
  • but only 18% (75+) use beauty and personal care products for hygiene reasons*
  • 76% (65+) stated that they care more about their physical health than their appearance*
  • but only 48% (65+) think that beauty products make them feel good about themselves and*
  • only 25% (65+) have fun using beauty products*

Download our “Care for mature skin” presentation

For more insights on 65+ consumers read our Blog article “Silver Agers – an overlooked generation”.


Our recommendation for an easy routine

Natural Firming Body Milk

Aging skin starts to lose its firmness and gets easily dry and irritated. Our Firming Body Milk provides skin with a smart combination of three highly effective active ingredients to provide aging skin with all it needs to feel and look good all day long.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ works from the ‘bottom up’ and supports the biological mechanisms inside the skin which are responsible for its renewal processes. MPC™ effectively reduces visible signs of aging and improves skin structure. AnnonaSense CLR™ reduces sensitivity and itching. It sustainably stabilizes a healthy homeostasis in skin, improving skin appearance and perception of well-being.

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Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Everyone would like to have this special glow that makes your skin look healthy, even and youthful. This rich Anti-Wrinkle Cream will help to plump the skin, it will diminish wrinkles and will leave your face with a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Collagen CLR is providing skin with an instant deep and long-lasting hydration. The skin feels refreshed, smooth and soft. ProRenew Complex CLR™ works from the ‘bottom up’ and supports the biological mechanisms inside the skin which are responsible for its renewal processes. MPC™ effectively reduces the crow´s feet.

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No More Puffy Eyes Cream Gel

The eyes are the first thing we perceive in another person. Unfortunately, as we get older, we wake up more often with swollen eyes and dark circles, which make us look tired and unhealthy.

JuvenEye CLR™ activates dermal draining and clearly reduces the visibility of dark circles, making this light cream gel the perfect match for a refreshed look.

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Sleeping Lip Mask

This mask moisturizes aging lips deeply and leaves them with a soft, well-nourished and plump feeling.

Vitamin F forte nurtures, protects and acts as a skin conditioner. It supports the skin in rebuilding and maintaining its natural healthy structure and functionality. Maricol S works synergistically together with Vitamin F forte in providing an optimum hydration level. Additionally, it protects skin and is especially suitable for the care of dry and mature skin as well as skin stressed by negative environmental influences.

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Rich & Protecting Hand Cream

With age the skin of hands becomes thinner and drier, also age spots can appear. In times of frequent hand washing and disinfection hands are additionally easily stressed and need an extra portion of care.

The Rich & Protecting Hand Cream provides hands with an excellent smooth skin feel and an even skin tone. While Vitamin F forte deeply nurtures and hydrates dry hands, Pro Barrier™ protects them against harsh environmental conditions. Belides™ ORG provides a natural and highly effective way of skin lightening. It reduces pig­mentation and the visibility of age spots.

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Goodbye Worries Micellar Scalp Tonic

Having a well-balanced scalp is visible and shown with healthy and beautiful hair. Itching, dandruff and hair loss can be very stressful and annoying for the affected people. With the Goodbye Worries Tonic, the natural balance of the scalp will be maintained. Applying an overnight scalp treatment is an intelligent approach to reach the best results. Micellar technology ensures purifying of the scalp.

CutiBiome CLR™ effectively soothes scalp and noticeably reduces itch for more comfort. It potently fights scalp oiliness and dandruff. Follicusan™ DP prevents hair loss. Hair density as well as cumulative hair thickness are increased. MultiMoist CLR™ moisturizes the scalp.

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*All data according to Mintel

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