Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

The amount of time we had to spend indoors due to the weather and regional lockdowns has left its mark – both physically and emotionally. During the long winter months, our skin and hair have suffered from the cold air outside and the dry heating air inside. A lack of vitamin D not only makes itself physically noticeable, but also tarnishes our mood.

A refreshing spring ritual cares for body and mind. A bubble mask cleanses effectively and adds a little bit fun to our routine, an intensive care with MultiMoist CLR™ and Belides™ ORG effectively supports skin in making optimal use of vitamin D and leaves it with a beautiful glow. Hands and feet now need special attention and intensive hair care brings back strength, volume and shine.

Our recommendation for a refreshing routine

Bubble Cleansing Mask

The bubble mask has a cream-gel texture that transforms into a foam of tiny, crackling bubbles after application, providing an unexpected experience. Enjoy a moment of fun and use this treatment as an extra moisturizing step.

MultiMoist CLR™ compensates for a lack of vitamin D, promotes epidermal differentiation and provides the skin with a healthy level of hydration and smoothness. It leaves it with a well hydrated feeling.

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Pro Vitamin Day Care

This ultra-light day care is easily absorbed and deeply moisturizes skin while providing it with a natural glow for a healthy and fresh complexion. Vitamin D plays a pivotal role for the skin’s moisture level. But a decreased exposure to sunlight caused by mainly working inside and increased usage of products with high SPF leads to vitamin D deficiency, resulting in dry and more sensitive skin.

MultiMoist CLR™ increases production and activation of the vi­tamin D receptor and potentiates the effects of vitamin D, making it a smart and highly effective skin moisturizer. Belides™ ORG provides a natural and highly effective way of skin lightening. It reduces pigmentation by influencing 5 different cellular pathways, providing skin with an even skin tone.

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Nourishing Nail Oil

For well-groomed hands healthy good-looking nails are essential. A massage after showering with our Nourishing Nail Oil is a perfect step to support the health of your finger nails. The cuticle is optimally cared for and thus forms a healthy basis for strong and healthy nails.

CutiBiome CLR™ effectively supports skin in regaining the natural balance with its microbiota while Vitamin F forte deeply nurtures and protects skin.

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Repair Foot Cream

After wearing socks and shoes for a long time, feet tend to dry out and their skin becomes white and crackled. Using the Repair Foot Cream on a daily basis can make a visible difference and turn crackled skin into smooth skin. Modukine™ and SyriCalm CLR™ (PC) constitute a smart combination for stressed feet.

Modukine™ fights severe dryness to leave skin feeling soft and comfortable. In addition, it supports SyriCalm CLR™ (PC) effectively in soothing and calming the feet.

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5in1 Overnight Hair Mask

The rich texture of this hair mask comforts stressed hair overnight and provides it with a highly effective 5 in 1 solution: hair is perfectly moisturized, conditioned and protected against hair breakage, static flyaway and color fading.

Two highly potent active ingredients work synergistically together for beautiful and healthy hair. MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte have strong hair moisturizing and conditioning abilities. Combability is increased, hair breakage, static flyaway and hair frizziness are significantly reduced. MultiMoist CLR™ also protects hair against color fading caused by repeated washing.

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