Say no to Maskne

Say no to Maskne

Covid-19 has changed our lives in all areas. Wearing protective face masks has become part of life and we can safely assume that this will continue to be the case for a long time to come. For a mask to provide reliable protection, it must tightly cover our face. This creates a humid environment for our skin which negatively affects its natural balance. Redness, itching and pimples are often the result. Effective, but gentle cleansing is essential so that sweat, excess sebum and dead skin cells are removed and clogging of our pores is prevented. An effective skincare regime is at least as important, though. This will relieve, calm and soothe skin and help it to restore its natural balance. A pampering skincare mask will provide much-needed extra care which does not just help the skin, but helps relax the mind as well.

Wearing protective masks has lead to an important shift in our overall appearance and the perception of facial attractiveness. Since half the face is covered, a large focus is on the eyes now. Mental as well as physical stress, sleep deprivation etc. can quickly lead to the eyes looking tired and less. Effective eye care that relieves puffiness and dark circles helps to make our eyes shine again. A highly effective and balancing eye care product will help to look your best in just one simple step on a busy morning.

The perfect skincare ritual to forget about Maskne:

I Cleansing

Ready To Smile Purifying Micellar Foam

Get ready to smile with a deeper purified skin than ever before. This micellar foam is a gentle, rinseable face cleanser that cleanses and softens skin, without disrupting the skin‘s natural pH value. The micellar technology attracts dirt, oil and makeup and will rinse impurities from the skin easily. It preserves the natural balance of the skin and ensures a perfect feeling of well-being.

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II Cleansing on the go

Be My Superhero Cleansing Stick

This Cleansing Stick will be your superhero and deeply purify your skin. The solid and waterless stick format is a sustainable solution and a convenient option for on-the-go because it is easy to use. While swiping the stick across the damp skin the cleansing process is activated. Only little water is needed to rinse off afterwards.

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III Care for your skin

Save My Day Velvet Touch Gel

Wearing a mask can be stressful for the skin as it is exposed to a humid climate beneath the mask. This can lead to redness, itching and pimples. A formulation which combines balancing aspects and hydration is a perfect step to protect your skin from external stress and inflammation and leaves the skin with a velvet feeling.

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IV Care for your eyes

Back To Balance Eye Serum

The appearance of your eye area is an important feature of the way you are perceived by others. This is even more true when you wear a face mask. Busy lifestyles and a lack of sleep can easily make you look tired. This highly effective serum supports you to look your best in one simple step.

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V A little extra care

Let’s Play Biome Balance Peel-Off Mask

This playful bubblegum-like texture turns into an amazing peel-off mask. It gently removes dead skin cells and impurities and leaves the skin with a soft, cashmere-like feeling and an insta-ready glow.

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