Vitamin F forte

Vitamin F forte nurtures, protects and acts as a skin conditioner. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of dry, stressed and sensitive skin, potently supporting the skin in rebuilding and maintaining its natural healthy structure and functionality.

Vitamin F forte also is a strong hair conditioner, improving hair combability, and has shown to protect against hair breakage.

Vitamin F forte contains natural polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids originating from safflower oil, with a particularly high content of linoleic acid.

Also available as Vitamin F water-soluble CLR in watersoluble form. In addition, essential fatty acids in ester form are available as Vitamin F Ethyl Ester CLR and Vitamin F Glyceryl Ester CLR.

INCI Name :

Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid

Dosage :

0.5 – 3.0%

pH range :

3.0 – 10.0

Solubility :


Preservation :

stabilized with a natural tocopherol concentrate.
In conformity with the Ecocert Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics available at;
COSMOS approved raw material. NATRUE-certified. Halal-certified.  CLR Certificates

  • moisturizing
  • barrier maintenance and repair
  • hair conditioning and protection

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