New product launch at in-cosmetics Global

New product launch at in-cosmetics Global

We are happy to announce, that this year at in-cosmetics Global we will present our latest innovation CutiFine CLR™, the first active ingredient which addresses all cell biological processes, which contribute to skin pores becoming more conspicuous.

A growing number of consumers are concerned about irregular skin texture and visible pores. Skin which has refined structure and even complexion is a much sought-after trait which is not easy to obtain, especially for those with combination or oily skin. As skin ages, skin pores become even more pronounced, making the reduction of pore visibility also the latest anti-aging skincare goal for consumers and brands alike. CutiFine CLR™ constitutes an all-in-one approach to minimize the conspicuousness of pores. Clinical studies have shown that the number of detectable pores, their surface area, circumference and volume were clearly reduced.

CutiFine CLR™ is obtained through extraction of the plant Vaccaria segetalis (cowherb) and the fruit pulp of Adansonia digitata (baobab), uniting the best of traditional Chinese and African medicine. It is produced with minimum negative impact on both the environment and the biologically active molecules of the raw materials.

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