Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month

A healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and a regular workout is important for the majority of men. Men have started caring for their skin now as well.

The men’s personal care market has been growing steadily for years, mainly driven by men’s interest in personal hygiene essentials such as shampoos and deodorants. Men like to keep their skin care regime limited but effective. According to Mintel 51% of Chinese men aged 20-49 prefer multi-functional personal care products. But as more men embrace wellness and fitness to combat life’s stresses they are increasingly looking for ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products with a focus on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. In a survey by Mintel 48% of male British internet users who spend longer on their skin care routines in the last 12 months, stated they did so because they enjoyed it.

The current market situation shows that there is an increasing offer for special male grooming products, but, in the recent past, most men preferred to use unisex products and many products for men were bought by their wives or girlfriends.

We wanted to know more about shopping habits and about what men do know about their skin and asked our male colleagues. Read our interviews:



Axel Bandow,
International Technical Sales Manager, Eastern Europe



Francisco Fernández Palacio,
International Technical Sales Manager



Heiko Prade,
Director R&D



John Lofthouse,
Director Global Sales & Marketing



Ralf Kuschnereit,
Director Global Sales

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