Men’s Health Month – Interview with John Lofthouse

Men’s Health Month – Interview with John Lofthouse

We wanted to know more about men’s shopping habits and about what they do know about their skin and asked our male colleagues.

John Lofthouse,
Director Global Sales & Marketing




Do you know your skin type?

My skin type is normal to dry. Usually it’s running well but I do suffer from dry skin in the winter and after long flights or car journeys, probably due to air conditioning. On sensitivity to sun, I am skin type 111 on the Fitzpatrick scale so I don’t burn too badly.

When buying a cosmetic product, do you care about the ingredients?

Yes, my wife hates it if we have to walk past the cosmetic shelves, but I like INCI lists 🙂 . Passes the time in airports though!

Do you buy your cosmetic products or does someone else buy them for you?

I buy my own products, my family know not to give presents of cosmetics products because I’m too picky.

Do you use special skin and hair care products for men? Which ones?

Not specifically, sometimes, but more unisex products. I tend to pick shower gels with more neutral fragrances, but not loyal to any specific brand. I buy a shampoo from one of the big brands and use a leave-in (curl control) conditioner.  I use a factor 15 spf facial moisturizer which contains Phytosan™ K, one of my favorite CLR ingredients. I have recently been using one of our prototypes containing AnnonaSense CLR™ on my hands, which is great for calming redness. Apart from the shampoo, moisturizer and leave-in conditioner I like to experiment with products made by our favorite customers.

John, you travel a lot for business and regularly go to the gym and run as a compensation. Which skincare routine helps you best to keep your skin in balance?

The constant is the face moisturizer. This definitely helps, and it’s all reassuring to have UV protection that this gives from a zinc oxide block and the DNA repair from the Phytosan™ K. The routine is shower then use the moisturizer in the morning and top up if my skin starts to feel uncomfortable or dry during the day.

Thank you, John!

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