Men’s Health Month – Interview with Francisco Fernández Palacio

Men’s Health Month – Interview with Francisco Fernández Palacio

We wanted to know more about men’s shopping habits and about what they do know about their skin and asked our male colleagues.

Francisco Fernández Palacio,
International Technical Sales Manager




Do you know your skin type?

Actually I do not have so much information about my skin type since my skin has never faced important problems. Only in the recent past I have faced some hydration problems in my face, probably now is much more dry in comparison with the past.

When buying a cosmetic product, do you care about the ingredients?

Absolutely! I always check the ingredients before buy each cosmetic product. In particular, I read the ingredients and I like to follow the tendencies and buying the last products launch in the market. Since I know the cosmetic market, I also suggest to my friends and family which formulations could be better for them!

Do you buy your cosmetic products or does someone else buy them for you?

In general I buy by myself. Sometimes I asked to my girlfriend to buy some  of them but  only if I already know the product. AS I said, I like to check in the shop all the ingredients.

Do you use special skin and hair care products for men? Which ones?

Yes, especially for the face-care and to maintain it hydrated. It depends on the period, but I usually change each time. I like to try new formulations and the new tendencies in the market.

Francisco, you love to play tennis and pay attention to your health. What are you doing for the health of your skin?

Yes, I consider that maintain our skin healthy is part of our global healthy. Especially when practicing sport, I use to apply some after-sun on my skin. Many times we do not feel our skin bad or burnt but in any case is good to apply these formulations to have our skin healthy and consequently to be healthy!

Thank you, Francisco!

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