Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends

CLR’s Simply Science – Responsible research for body, mind & nature

A holistic approach combining health, mindfulness and sustainability illustrating how consumers aim to care for body, mind & nature to feel good.

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Formulating for the skin microbiota

Growing consumer awareness of the importance of the skin microbiota for skin health and appearance leads to a rising number of new cosmetic product launches with microbiota friendly claims.

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Beauty Sleep

The Well-being trend continues, but became even more holistic recently. Sleep is now an integral part of total well-being.

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Female Health

Women’s bodies are a miracle and going through several stages during their life. For a feeling of total Well-Being it is necessary to support the female skin’s life cycle.

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Cosmetic products have to be sustainable – this is rather an expectation now than a trend and includes ingredients as well as packaging and brand.

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Skintellectuals are highly self-educated and highly discerned. These shoppers prize value for money, are delivery-driven and efficacy-focused, demand clinic-worthy at-home results, and desire newness over novelty.

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