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The Corona Pandemic has profoundly changed our world and our everyday life. Many of us work from home or are working part-time, teaching our children at home and practicing social distancing. When work and leisure both take place under one roof, many people find it harder to separate the two. All this has a strong influence on our well-being and also on the health of our skin. The fact that we are mainly indoors can lead to deficiency of vitamin D and dry skin. Increased washing and disinfection of the hands can exacerbate this phenomenon and have a negative influence on the health of our skin, including its ability to function as a strong barrier. Cleaning gels and sprays, with added moisturizing and soothing active ingredients, offer a good solution to these problems. Hand and body care, which provide intense moisture and protect the skin barrier, are an ideal addition to our normal skincare regimen keeping skin healthy and supple.

Consumers have gained a better understanding of the relationship between health and skin appearance in recent years. For instance, more and more consumers are now aware of the importance of the skin microbiota for skin health as compared to a few years ago. At a time like this, when health and safety are highly valued by consumers, care of the skin microbiota will receive a boost. Intensive cleansing of the hands attacks the skin microbiome, important bacteria are washed away or killed and the composition of the, normally healthy microbiota is changed. Active ingredients that support the skin microbiota and bring back its balance are becoming more of interest and, in days of intensively repeated cleansing of our skin, are becoming more of essence as well.

The current health and safety approaches will be beneficial for important market drivers in the skincare segment, such as Clean Beauty products and Dermocosmetics. Both product groups enjoy consumer confidence when it comes to product safety. In Dermocosmetics, the scientific background and the effectiveness demonstrated by studies also play an important role.

Another important feature in this context is that the current feeling of uncertainty and the resulting increased psychological stress level have a negative effect on the condition of our skin. Problems related to skin irritation, acne, redness and itching are likely to occur more often. Goal-oriented active ingredients that restore the natural balance of the skin can provide relief and a better quality of life. In addition, cosmetics that enable the consumer to have a home spa experience offer a high emotional value. Performing cosmetic rituals offer a short break and strengthen self-confidence. Masks, bath additives and overnight skin and hair care with effective active ingredients are ideal means to achieve this goal.

At CLR, we have many active ingredients in our product portfolio that offer effective solutions to the skin problems we are currently dealing with. Safety, effectiveness and relevance for the consumer are the central pillars of our company’s philosophy.

Discover our favorite formulations

To give you a few examples, we asked our colleagues which formulations they prefer to use in the current situation and why.

Elizabeth Sugiri, International Technical Sales Manager, Singapore

My favorite formulation: Probiome Jelly Serum

My favorite formulation is the Probiome Jelly Serum because the serum contains a “Trinity RPM perfect combination”, such as Repair Complex CLR™ PF, ProRenew Complex CLR™ and MultiMoist CLR™.

The formulation is easily absorbed by my skin and leaves it feeling fresh with the moisturization of MultiMoist CLR™.  Additionally, ProRenew Complex CLR™ helps my skin renewal process and Repair Complex CLR™ PF helps to protect my skin if I do need to go out and do my essential shopping as the sunshine is really strong in Singapore.

With this serum, I feel like my skin is protected. I always use this serum as a base before I do my make-up and after I take off my make-up. It also acts as a rejuvenating base before I go to sleep.


Christelle Gay, Technico-Commerciale Filiale France

My favorite formulation: Derma IQ Smart Purifying Mask OW

I have combination skin, with a strong feeling of dryness around the eyes and on the cheeks which makes my skin feel uncomfortable. The dryness grows stronger as I stay inside all day long.

The Derma IQ Smart Purifying Mask is very helpful, its soft texture feels incredibly comforting and my skin is instantly relieved. Thanks to MultiMoist CLR™, my skin is immediately moisturized and it will last for days!!! ProRenew Complex CLR™ helps to balance my skin and make it healthy.


Elvira Wurl, Technical Assistant Application Laboratory

My favorite formulation: Pure Balance Bi-Phase Serum

In this special time we take care of our family and fellow human beings and we manage a variety of other issues… this does not leave our skin without a trace. For now, our skin needs more than ever an intensive treatment for every day.

The Pure Balance Bi-Phase Serum gives my dry and acne-prone skin everything it needs to stay in a healthy balance. The highly effective combination of CutiBiome CLR™, AnnonaSense CLR™ and MultiMoist CLR™ provides my stressed skin with moisturizing, soothing and anti -acne features in a perfect all-in-one formulation.


Nathalia Gruber, Marketing & Corporate Communication Manager

My favorite formulation: SOS Anti-Irritation Gel

I have sensitive skin and a mild neurodermitis since my birth. In times with high stress levels as at the moment my skin becomes easily irritated causing skin redness and itching.

The SOS Anti-Irritation Gel is my super hero when my skin suffers. The highly effective combination of Modukine™ and SyriCalm™ CLR (PC) calms down my skin instantly. It reduces itching and redness noticeably. The transparent gel has a cooling effect, a slight natural scent and leaves my skin soothed and smooth.


Julie Moussaron, Responsable Filiale France

My favorite formulation 1: Derma IQ SOS Scalp Ampoule

We are living a very special time, and it’s a great opportunity to try new things! I decided to take advantage of the lockdown to slow down my habits and to try the low poo movement, especially the «sebum cure». The concept is to stop using shampoo for one month to help your scalp regulate its sebum production.

What better time in an entire life to try it!

To help me go through this period, I use the Derma IQ SOS Scalp Ampoule. When my scalp gets itchy, I take a few drops and massage with my fingertips all over it. The combination of SyriCalm™ CLR (PC), MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte reduces the itching, vitalizes and moistures the scalp as well as my hair.

It’s the perfect companion to calm my sensitive scalp and go through this (strange) experience!


My favorite formulation 2: Color Change Day Care

During the lockdown I also decided to stop using make-up and put my skin at rest. With the rhythm of life slowing down, I indulge myself and my skin with good skincare products. But when I want to give my skin a little extra help, I use the Color Change Day Care. The small amount of pigments help me get a better complexion and it’s also a wonderful skincare product with its combination of AnnonaSense CLR™, and ProRenew Complex CLR™. For people like me living in the city with no balconies or garden, MultiMoist CLR™ is a fantastic friend in these times! It helps my skin maximize the use of Vitamin D!

A bit of powder, curling my eyelashes, and I’m good to go!

Oh wait…! 😉


Claudia Claassen, International Technical Sales Manager

My favorite formulation: Moisture Me Intensive Hand Cream

In the current situation I use hand sanitizers and soaps more often. As a consequence my hands are extremely dry and rough. With MultiMoist CLR™ the skin becomes more moisturized, immediate and long term. Also the skin feeling is improved, skin feels smoother and looks better and younger. The Moisture Me Intensive Hand & Body Cream is the perfect match for me.


Nicole Atas, Marketing Coordinator

My favorite formulation: Natural You Face & Body Lotion

While staying at home and mostly inside my skin tends to be dry and needs some extra care after showering.

The Natural You Face & Body Lotion is a light but very effective lotion which makes my skin smooth again. AnnonaSense CLR™ reduces itching, whereas ProRenew Complex CLR™ improves skin renewal. An additional benefit is its multi-functionality, this is a reason to take it with me on holiday as I need less products in my toiletries bag.


Elvira Ruppel, International Technical Sales Manager

My favorite formulation: Night Balance Face Oil

My skin type is more or less dry because of my neurodermatitis predisposition. Due to hormonal disbalance, my skin shows often signs of an acne-prone skin. The Night Balance Face Oil contains Vitamin F forte, which is rich in free fatty acids in their natural, biologically active form. It reduces the TEWL and makes the skin feel smooth again.

Furthermore this formulation contains a very smart active ingredient CutiBiome CLR. In different studies CutiBiome CLR showed quite significant results for acne-prone skin type. It is an oil soluble active which doesn’t dry out the skin during the treatment and bring the microbiota of acne skin in balance again.

The texture of this modern water-free formulation provides skin with a luxury feeling and silky glow.


Susanne Kolesova, Online Marketing Coordinator

My favorite formulation: Derma IQ Bi-Phase Hair Conditioner

I love my wavy hair but it is highly sensitive to humidity and demands a lot of care. Not being able to go to the salon for a while makes it frizzy and hard to handle. I especially like this leave-on conditioner because its bi-phase formulation leaves my hair combable and smooth without making it greasy or heavy.

MultiMoist CLR™ improves the quality of my hair by binding water in its cortex. Combined with Vitamin F forte it provides strong protection from breakage and frizziness.


Discover highly effective solutions

MultiMoist CLR™ – smart moisturizer with vitamin d like effects

ProRenew Complex CLR™ – safeguard your skin and microbiota

CutiBiome CLR – calibrate your skin’s ecosystem

AnnonaSense CLR™ – find your natural balance

Vitamin F forte – essential fatty acids nourishing skin and hair

SyriCalm™ CLR – to soothe, protect and strengthen

Repair Complex CLR™ PF – probiotic approach towards photoaging


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