My personal skin care goal

Skin health is the main focus of everything we do at CLR. To help consumers achieve healthy skin that works as a strong barrier and feels comfortable is at the center of our research, innovation processes, product development and testing.

But humans are as diverse as they are unique and so is their skin and their demands when it comes to skin care. Our aim is to find solutions to a wide range of skin needs. So, we asked our colleagues about their personal skin care goals and specific benefits they are looking for in a skin care product.

Here are their interviews.

Dirk Hofmeister, R&D Scientist

With the last rays of the September summer sun we celebrate the birthday of my son. This also marks the typical transition of my skin from lightly tanned to pale and drier than during spring and summer. I also start wearing more blue and black shirts which probably lead to me looking even paler than I already am.

The transition of my skin usually unfortunately ends with ‘snow’ on my shoulders in October as probably the quantity and the quality of my sebum has changed after summer. Consequentially, the microbiota and especially the Malassezia fraction behave differently. This imbalance leads to a seborrheic problem for the skin under my beard, and white flakes fall on my shoulders and chest. My skin is dry and itchy too. Every year I get fed up with the situation and trim my beard to a minimum to overcome these problems.

During 2019 we had a first clue that CutiBiome CLR™ works against dandruff-causing fungi. I explained my problem to our formulation team and had some wishes: No oil basis (next to the oil smell my skin is not able to handle heavy formulations), long-lasting moisturization and no visible flakes from the formulation itself. After just one week they came up with the first testing formulation. As expected from our experts, they added an extra feature to solve the itching after shaving and trimming.

Already the first application stopped the itching after my trimming routine. Due to our MultiMoist CLR™ my skin felt less tense and more elastic. And after 2 weeks my wife asked me if the ‘snow’ on my shoulders had ‘melted’. There were nearly no flakes anymore and no dryness either.

In the end the combination of the balancing of the microbiota with CutiBiome CLR™, the hydration of MultiMoist CLR™ and the anti-inflammatory properties of AnnonaSense CLR™ met my needs for a smart and fast skincare product for my particular problem. So, this year´s motto will be: Winter is coming. But I don´t care because I care.

Elvira Ruppel,
International Technical Sales Manager

As a trained beautician I know how difficult it can be to find the suitable cosmetic product for one’s own skin type especially during the winter season.

I am suffering from a neurodermitis predisposition with a generally disturbed skin barrier which always needs attention and can tell that my skin is definitely a challenge to any cosmetic product. Additionally, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my skin shows Maskne symptoms. Added to these challenges, I am not getting any younger and my skin has started to show the first signs of aging as well. I am in dire need of a simple, but effective formulation which can help my skin with all its challenges, although it seems that these cannot be more unrelated.

I am glad to say that I have found the perfect match for my skin, though. Without a doubt it is our product ProRenew Complex CLR™. This active is able to improve the quality of my skin in several ways. The skin barrier is improved and as a result my skin has regained its silky glow. This is no doubt supported by the fact that ProRenew Complex CLR™ promotes the desquamation process of my skin, allowing for more improved shedding of dead skin cells. From day to day my skin feels rejuvenated. These features make ProRenew Complex CLR™ the perfect anti-aging active ingredient for sensitive skin type, in my view.

My current Maskne symptoms can easily be dealt with by CutiBiome CLR™. As a synergistic complex of Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia it penetrates deep into the follicle and reduces growth and biofilm formation of most virulent strains of Cutibacterium acnes. The result of this selective treatment is less comedones and pustules.

And last but not least I am a big fan of our MPC™- Milk Peptide Complex. It does not suit the current vegan trend. I am aware of that. But does skin care about trends? Our approach should first and foremost be to satisfy our skin’s needs, right? Especially when realizing that by applying MPC™ to your skin, you are applying ingredients which the skin normally produces by itself.

MPC™ is the most potent anti-aging active ingredient, what I have seen so far. When It comes to improving the own collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the dermis for plumping effect,  MPC™ will always be my first personal choice.

These three efficient actives allow me to look positive into my personal skin care future!


Heiko Prade, Director R&D

Many of us suffer from dandruff in the winter, along with an itchy scalp, which can be quite annoying. Unfortunately, I’m no exception. Dandruff is a phenomenon, which can’t be blamed on the cold only. It is strongly associated with a dysbalanced scalp microbiome.

Ordinary shampoos may dry out your scalp and hair even further. That is why CLR started a project to find an all-natural way to tackle this problem, some time ago. What we came up with is a product, CutiBiome CLR™, that not only helps to get dandruff and itchiness under control, but also contributes to restore a healthy scalp microbiome. Formulas like our clear scalp tonic containing CutiBiome CLR™ and MultiMoist CLR™ are helping me to get perfectly through the cold season.


Maren Dietze, Technical Assistant Application Laboratory

As Technical Assistant in the application laboratory my hands can get easily stressed during work. Hygiene regulations have already been very strict in the laboratory but during the Covid-19 pandemic hygiene measures have been tightened everywhere. The number of times I wash and sanitize my hands is amazing. Both at work and at home with two children, it is not always possible to care for my hands as regularly as I probably should. All this leads to dry and cracked hands that don’t feel comfortable and make me look older than I am. And which woman likes that?  What I need is a really good moisturizer that provides my hands with intensive, reliable and, above all, long-lasting moisture so that they are optimally cared for – even if I don’t have time to re-apply hand cream often.

MultiMoist CLR™ is my favorite choice. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to efficacy but it is also natural and provides a great skin feel. A hand cream with MultiMoist CLR™ is the perfect match for deep moisturization for me. While using a hand cleansing gel containing MultiMoist CLR™ I can really feel it moisturizes my hands while washing. In our application lab we also created a solid hand cream bar with MultiMoist CLR™ in cooperation with KahlWax – so as you can see the possibilities to make the best of it are almost unlimited.

Nathalia Gruber,
Director Marketing & Corporate Communications

Since I can remember my skin has always been sensitive. While my friends love to try all the new cosmetic products with wonderful scents and fancy textures I have to check INCI lists first instead. I don’t want to look like a crumble cake after using something which irritates my skin. There are worse things in life, of course, but nevertheless it’s often frustrating – especially since I am working in the marketing department of CLR and would love to try all the trend products I am talking about.

In summertime my skin usually feels better but with autumn and winter coming and more days in heated rooms with low humidity, my skin starts to feel more uncomfortable again. Busy and long days as a full-time working mum of two do the rest to make my skin often feel irritated and even itchy. AnnonaSense CLR™ is my perfect match. As I try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I love that it is all natural, originates from an edible fruit and is sourced in Spain. Being a highly effective CBD alternative gives it a very nice well-being story which I also love, of course, from a marketing point of view. But what AnnonaSense CLR™ really makes my favorite choice is that it works. Itching of sensitive skin has a large negative impact on the quality of life and reduces my overall well-being. Using it in a body lotion in combination with ProRenew Complex CLR™ or in a rich body butter with MultiMoist CLR™, leaves my skin with a deep feeling of comfort. My skin is perfectly soothed and balanced and I can forget my skin irritations and finally enjoy all the cozy moments in autumn and winter again.


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