Inspire Inclusion! – Happy International Women’s Day 2024

Here in Berlin, International Women’s Day is an official holiday and we can spend the day with our friends and families, relax at home or join one of the many rallies in the city, advocating gender equality and promoting women’s empowerment.

Despite the significant progress towards gender equality our society has made over the last decades and centuries, challenges such as the gender pay gap, discrimination and harassment, healthcare and reproductive rights, economic inequality and women’s underrepresentation in leadership, politics, education, media and entertainment still pose persistent obstacles we have yet to overcome.

This year’s theme “Inspire Inclusion” highlights the fact that women are not a homogenous group but that all of us have our own individual and unique challenges and needs. We are not just women but friends and partners, daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. We are employees, managers and colleagues; we are engineers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and experts. We are smart, creative, determined, caring and kind. And we need and we deserve safety, equal rights, financial security, and recognition for our achievements.

International Women’s Day also reminds us that we are not alone but constitute half of the world’s population. We need to support each other as friends, mentors and role models. Let’s share our knowledge, wisdom and experiences, offer guidance, encouragement and compassion and cultivate connections that overcome the boundaries of age, ability, culture and ethnicity.

And it is important to tell our stories and listen to the stories of other women. In recognition of International Women’s Day, we asked some of our colleagues around the world how the day is acknowledged in their countries and what issues are important to women in their regions at the moment.

“In China, women get half a day off. Most companies will also prepare little gifts like flowers or chocolates. We use this day to get a little time off from our family and work obligations and maybe enjoy afternoon tea or a shopping spree with our girlfriends. Here, women strive for more independence and freedom of choice. We want the same amount of respect no matter if we choose family or career.” (Jessica Guo, International Technical Sales Manager at CLR)

“Here in Indonesia gender equality and women’s empowerment is also about recognition. Women work just as hard, deliver the same result and can be just as successful as entrepreneurs.” (Elizabeth Sugiri, International Technical Sales Manager at CLR)

“In France, on International Women’s Rights Day, women are usually given flowers, mainly in the workplace. But this year, International Women’s Rights Day will have a special flavor. Coincidentally or not, it comes shortly after a historic vote by the French parliament to enshrine the right to abortion in the constitution. The right to control one’s own body is now a constitutional right for French women, and I consider this a great victory as France is paving the way.” (Christelle Gay, International Technical Sales Manager at CLR)

“The French government has made it a significant symbol by incorporating the right to abortion into the constitution. It’s a substantial victory for us to have this right further recognized. Far more important than receiving flowers!” (Julie Moussaron, International Technical Sales Manager at CLR)

We wish you a happy International Women’s Day!

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