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Discover a goal-oriented and natural solution for acne-prone skin and scalp affected by dandruff – with the power of ancient wisdom and next generation skin microbiota research.

CutiBiome CLR™ – Calibrating the skin’s ecosystem

CutiBiome CLR™ is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia. It provides essential support for the natural balance between skin and its microbiota in difficult situations, like acne and dandruff.

CutiBiome CLR™ recalibrates the skin as an ecosystem. It reduces the film forming activity and significantly inhibits the growth of virulent phylotypes of Cutibacterium acnes. It strongly reduces inflammation involved in acne and dandruff. Sebum, comedones, pustules and pimples are reduced dramatically, as was confirmed by instrumental determinations and the volunteers themselves. Other in vivo studies showed potent reduction of dandruff. Four weeks of 3 times weekly use of a hair tonic with CutiBiome CLR™ lead to similar results to Piroctone Olamine, but clearly outperformed it in reducing scalp oiliness, sensitivity and itch.

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Microbes relatively easily change their genetic profile leading to different phylotypes of the same microbial species. Healthy skin is colonized mainly by C. acnes-phylotypes associated with skin health. In acne the growth of detrimental phylotypes of C acnes leads to a microbial imbalance and an imbalance in the interaction with skin, having large implications for skin health. Acne lesions are formed. An analogous situation takes place on the scalp. This is implied in dandruff.

The phylotypes of C. acnes in acne-prone skin show multiple levels of virulence, their ability to survive in an environment where it is essentially ‘not wanted’ and, related to that, cause problems to the host. In this context C. acnes’ ability to develop resistance mechanisms against anti-microbials is inherent to this. The C. acnes-phylotypes implied in acne are active in forming biofilms in which the cells are relatively well-protected against anti-microbials. For these reasons it is essential for a cosmetic active ingredient to show strong effects against these phylotypes. CutiBiome CLR™ was shown to elicit potent anti-acne and anti-dandruff effects. CutiBiome CLR™ is a new and scientifically valid approach in regaining and maintaining the balance between the skin microbiota and skin itself.



When it comes to beauty, the main desire is healthy skin and hair that looks and feels good. This can only be achieved when the skin’s ecosystem is in balance. Through factors such as hormonal changes or psychological stress this balance can be disturbed and lead to acne or dandruff. Acne as well as dandruff have important negative influence on self-esteem and well-being. As both conditions are clearly visible and nearly impossible to hide, the psychological strain is extremely high. The goal is to bring back balance to skin and scalp. Consumers demand solutions that are natural and mild, highly effective, fast and trustworthy. They should also provide emotional well-being to calm the mind.

Next generation skin microbiota research succeeded in the development of a highly effective solution that supports the skin in regaining its natural and healthy balance with its microbiota – CutiBiome CLR™. It is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia with the power of ancient wisdom inspired by Maori, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

CutiBiome CLR™ perceivably provides clear and pristine skin and scalp. It is natural and mild, without the negative side effects of established active ingredients. CutiBiome CLR™ provides an effective solution and a pleasant skin feel for a holistic experience of comfort – for a happy consumer who will be loyal to your brand.

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Best care for skin and scalp with CutiBiome CLR™

Acne and dandruff require special care. Our application lab developed a series of carefully well-matched formulations.

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