Skin Renewal through a Probiotic Skincare Approach

Skin Renewal through a Probiotic Skincare Approach

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. H. Prade
SOFW-Journal, 5-2015, 18-24

“Microbiome skincare”: understanding the big picture / « Microbiome skincare » : une perspective globale

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. Heiko Prade
Expression Cosmétique, Guide of Cosmetic Ingredients 2020, 226-229

It’s time to shine!

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow! The holidays are approaching and lights are twinkling everywhere. When we get together with family and…

Bacteria and skin care – united in the middle

H. van der Hoeven
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, 2018-05, 26-29

World Microbiome Day

On June 27th we celebrate World Microbiome Day and this year’s theme is diversity. It reminds us of the importance of microbial multiplicity and to…

The value of health

Consumers have a clear focus on a healthier lifestyle and an increasingly holistic approach. We talk about single use formats, hand care and immune support.

World Menopause Day

For a long time, Menopause used to be a topic that was only discussed privately among women. But 44% of women over 40 name premenopausal…

An in vitro study of skin renewal with a probiotic anti-ageing agent

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. Heiko Prade
Household and Personal Care Today, vol. 10 (4), July/August 2015, 27-31

CLR rated Gold by EcoVadis

We are happy to end 2020 with some good news: Thanks to our persistent commitment to the environment, ethics, labor management and human rights we…

The many demands on scalp care / Soin du cuir chevelu : des besoins spécifiques à prendre en compte

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. H. Prade
Expression Cosmétique, Guide des ingrédients cosmétiques, 2021, 210-214

New formulation concept: Come As You Are

However we define beauty for us, it’s first and foremost about feeling comfortable. Every skin has its individual needs. Forget enlarged pores, acne, skin irritations, forget the first signs of skin aging and feel free to create your individual look!

Naming and Claiming – pro- and postbiotic

H. van der Hoeven
Cossma, 2022-12, 28-29

The power of the brain-skin axis

H. van der Hoeven, N. Gruber
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, 2023-03, 18-20

The smart way of aging

We can’t stop aging, but we can do it smartly – with formulations that keep the skin healthy and in balance at every age.

World Online Networking Day

Globalization and digitalization have been the main drivers of online networking for quite a while now, but with the pandemic limiting personal contacts to the…

Activity from Rinse-Off

H. van der Hoeven
Cossma 2021-10, 26-27

Epidermal anti-ageing with a probiotic skin care approach

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. Heiko Prade
Personal Care, September 2015, 63-66

Don’t be an ideal, just be you!

When we had the idea to deal with the topic of Body Positivity/ Body Neutrality, we quickly realized how complex this topic is. Everyone liked the idea, but when asked how positively they themselves feel about their bodies and how they see the topic in society, it quickly became clear that there is still a lot to move…

Vitamin D, making the most of it

H. van der Hoeven

Expression Cosmétique, Guide des Ingrédients Cosmétiques 2018, 292-295

New Kid on the Blogs

Discover our brand new blog SCIENCE · NATURE · BEAUTY and take a deep dive into skincare with us, ask our experts and discover the basics of skin and active ingredients, let yourself be inspired by current consumer and market analysis and learn more about the cornerstones of CLR and about what we care…

A probiotic approach to healthy ageing

H. van der Hoeven
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, October 2015, 20-22

Healthy skin has healthy microbiota: how can we help?

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. Heiko Prade
Personal Care North America, 2019-10, 56-58


Our labs have moved

We are extremely happy to announce that our laboratories have now moved to our new facilities. The total surface area of our cell biology, chemical, microbiological, R&D and application laboratories is now approximately 4 times bigger than in our old facility(!) We have further invested in chemical analytical, microbiological and cell biological equipment to ensure we can continue to improve the quality of our work.

Analysing vitamin D and skin hydration

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. H. Prade
Personal Care Global 2020-08, 25-28

Reducing sensitive skin reaction / Réduire l’hypersensibilité cutanée

H. van der Hoeven, P.A. Schmidt
Expression Cosmétique, December 2012, 357-361

Towards a Sustainable Solution for Skin Health and Well-Being

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. H. Prade
SOFW Journal, 2020-03, 12-18

Up close & personal with CLR

We want to develop products that solve a problem in a sustainable and smart way. This is a matter of personal concern to us, which is why we regularly test our products ourselves. Come closer and get personal insights into the skin and hair care routine of our colleagues…

Help the scalp recover from stress with ProRenew Complex CLR

H. van der Hoeven
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, 2021-10, 12-13

ProRenew Complex CLR™

H. van der Hoeven
Arte y Ciencia Cosmética, 2015-07, 66-68

Catering to the skin of Generation Z

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. H. Prade
Personal Care Europe, 2020-06, 48-51

New Halal certificate

We are happy to inform you that the following products are now Halal-certified:

Maricol S

MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex

SyriCalm™ CLR (PC)

Skin in Balance

H. van der Hoeven
Cossma, 2021-05, 14-17


Is vitamin D-skin care a new reality?

H. van der Hoeven
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, 2022-10, 10-11

Haut- und Kälteschutz neu definiert

P.A. Schmidt
Cossma, 1-2/2013, 30-31

Auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Lösung für Hautgesundheit und Wohlbefinden

H. van der Hoeven, Dr. H. Prade
SOFW Journal, 2020-03, 16-21

Say no to Maskne

Covid-19 has changed our lives in all areas. Wearing protective face masks has become part of life and we can safely assume that this will continue to be the case for a long time to come. Discover the perfect skincare ritual to forget about Maskne…

Anti-Aging by Promoting Skin Renewal Probiotically / Des probiotiques pour stimuler le renouvellement cutané

H. van der Hoeven
Expression Cosmétique, Guide of cosmetics ingredients 2015, 289-293

Men’s Health Month

A healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and a regular workout is important for the majority of men. Men have started caring for their skin…

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