Gold award for AnnonaSense CLR™ at in-cosmetics Asia!

Gold award for AnnonaSense CLR™ at in-cosmetics Asia!

We are very proud to announce that our active ingredient AnnonaSense CLR™ won the GOLD Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Asia!

AnnonaSense CLR™ is obtained from Annona Cherimola, common name Cherimoya, an edible fruit originating from South America. For production of AnnonaSense CLR™ we use “upcycling” techniques based on the left-over of the fruit after juice extraction, making it an exceptionally sustainable and eco-friendly product. AnnonaSense CLR™ is Cosmos approved.

The adaptogenic action of AnnonaSense CLR™ supports the endocannabinoid System (ECS) by activating the CB2 receptor. Inflammatory processes induced by the TRPV1 receptor, part of the skin’s endovanilloid system (EVS) are strongly ruled down and a stable balance between the ECS and EVS is established. AnnonaSense CLR™ makes the skin less sensitive and more balanced, even itch could perceivably be reduced. Skin appearance becomes clearly better and a consumer study showed that perception of well-being and quality of life were improved.

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