Sustainability Corner

Sustainability Corner

Modern consumers have a holistic lifestyle with high expectations. They want their products to be natural and sustainable but without making any compromises in terms of quality, mildness and efficacy. They want brands to be authentic, reliable and socially responsible.

Buying natural cosmetics provides the consumer with the feeling of doing something good for her as well as for the environment. Brands in this segment enjoy high consumer confidence. Efficacious naturals will therefore continue to be a hot topic. CLR focuses on highly effective natural active ingredients. Our products work, they are safe, and many of them meet Cosmos, Natrue and Ecocert standards.

CLR is certified according to SA8000, underlining CLR’s dedication to social responsibility. Trustworthiness and honesty are topics which are high on CLR’s agenda, making us the perfect partner for effective natural concepts.

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Waste Valorization with AnnonaSense CLR™

The extreme growth in waste generation is one of the key challenges of today’s world. The valorization of waste is an important approach in not just reducing waste, but changing it into valuable products. Modern technologies offer many effective methods for obtaining effective and safe ingredients from food waste. Incorporating these into personal care formulations offers a great opportunity for brands to boost their sustainability credentials and engage the environmentally-conscious, but efficacy-driven consumer.

As part of our ISO 14001 certification, CLR has recognized the enormous potential of waste recycling and had a large focus on this in the development of AnnonaSense CLR™.

In Spain, the Cherimoya fruits are grown, harvested and then processed into juice. In juice production, waste products remain. CLR valorizes this waste product and produces a highly effective cosmetic active ingredient: AnnonaSense CLR ™.

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Solid formats

Sustainability is a modern general requirement for skincare. Biodegradable ingredients, both in the formulation and in the packaging, are key demands for modern-day cosmetic products. Solid, waterless and vegan formulations are high on trend. They have a favorable sustainable footprint and offer tremendous opportunities for safe and efficacious skincare formats. CLR co-operated with Kahlwax and Eckart in developing solid formats without any compromises.




Hydra Balance Body Bar

This easy-to-use Body Bar contains MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte to establish a long-lasting osmotic balance in skin. The formula easily melts on the skin and provides a luxurious velvety skin feel.

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HappyHands Moisture Intense Bar

Prebiotic MultiMoist CLR™ deeply hydrates hands and eases skin discomfort caused by dry skin. The cream bar has a melting texture and will leave your hands soft and moisturized without leaving an oily feeling or a greasy film.

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Luminizing Highlighter Stick

The highlighter will leave your skin with a radiant and beautifully illuminated look. The combination of MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte is perfect to give your skin a moisturized feeling during the day.

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Glitters for some sparkle in life

The perfect skin care provides us with well-being, deep moisturization, balance and protection. Luxurious textures, comforting scents and a touch of glitter pamper our mind. But as consumers are very conscious and do care for the environment, they are critical about glitters containing PET or microplastics which could end up in the ocean.

CLR developed goal-oriented formulations combining highly effective active ingredients with luxurious textures and synthetic pigments that are safe to use and harmless for the environment. Reveal your glow – with a good feeling and without compromises.



Natural Hair & Body Glow Spray

With this light natural glow spray you can extend your usual daily routine with an extra boost of moisture while adding a glamourous shimmer to your skin. This spray can also be used on hair, providing sparkling highlights while moisturizing and conditioning hair.

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Luxury Gold Gel Mask

Experience an exclusive skin care treatment with this mask and let yourself be pampered by its golden shimmer, luxurious scent and texture. The combination of two smart active ingredients provides skin with a holistic approach to overall skin health.

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