Sophisticated Beauty by CLR

Inspired by J-Beauty.

There are a lot of articles trying to make J-Beauty the next big trend in skincare. We at CLR took a deeper look at what is the essence of J-Beauty and transferred it into our Sophisticated Beauty concept.

What is J-beauty?

Beauty products from Korea have set the benchmark for innovative trend products. The K-beauty wave brought cushion compacts, playful textures, new formats, sheet masks with fun factor etc. to us. All these products are a perfect match for the younger selfie-generation and Social Media. As opposed to this J-beauty focuses on more traditional ingredients and an in-depth understanding of skin. But J-beauty is not old fashioned – traditional approaches are always paired with true scientific innovation based on research and results. Japanese consumers are well informed and therefore demanding in terms of quality and effectiveness of ingredients. Of course, also Japanese women do want beautiful skin. But they want it in a natural way, reduced to the necessary and never adding what is not needed. That’s why they are not interested in trends, sexy marketing stories or the fun factor of a product. J-beauty products have to be simple and time-saving, timeless, honest in their claims and sophisticated.

Why does it resonate with western consumers?

The J-beauty approach centers around self-care. Many trends we have seen in the market in the last years do resonate with this approach – Back to basics, Active Beauty, Nutricosmetics, Dermocosmetics, Well-being. The root of all these trends is to do something beneficial for yourself, to keep you and your skin healthy and therefore feel better. For the Japanese beauty approach two things are important. The first one is to look as good as possible in a natural way and at every age. The Japanese society is rapidly aging and ways ahead in terms of maturity. That perfectly matches the more and more positive approach to aging in western markets. The second thing is a very holistic approach to beauty in Japan. Japanese women always ask how does a product act on them and makes them feel. That is closely related to their traditional approach to maintain the harmony of the five senses. The look of the packaging, the sound of it while opening or closing it, the scent and texture of a product are very important and make a cosmetic product an emotional experience. That is what western consumers are nowadays also looking for – a feeling of holistic well-being.

Sophisticated Beauty – transferring J-Beauty into western concepts

The majority of consumers in western markets is constantly under pressure and tries to re-balance their lives. As overall health and physical and mental well-being loom large they want their cosmetic products to be simple, time-saving, easy to understand, highly effective and safe. Especially the generation 35+ prefers quality and is looking for products that center around simplicity and effectiveness. Faced with the first visible signs of aging and a more demanding skin they are looking for products focusing on the essential, products that simply work. They are not interested in a face mask with an animal print only because it is fun to use, they only will buy, and especially re-buy a product, if it provides the solution their skin needs. It is not about trends – it is about what suits you. This should be paired with scientific innovation and backed by studies as consumers are more informed than ever before. Combining highly effective but simple products, based on research and scientific innovation, with a holistic experience, that is Sophisticated Beauty – for women who know what they want.

Why CLR is the perfect match for Sophisticated Beauty – the CLR philosophy

As already highlighted the cornerstones of Sophisticated Beauty are simplicity, effectiveness, safety and holistic well-being. With a focus on R&D, an in-depth knowledge of the skin, its processes and needs, we at CLR develop active ingredients that make skin healthy and simply beautiful. The product and its relevance for the consumer are always in the center of our work. We don’t develop a product to follow a trend, we only launch products that are solving and really work. We at CLR offer a wide range of highly effective and save actives carefully designed to target all skin conditions related to healthy skin. They can be combined easily and offer the consumer a solution for holistic well-being.

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