Press Pause with CLR

Press Pause with actives from CLR. They address the four cornerstones of skin health, can be combined easily and offer the consumer a holistic solution.

Well-being for your Skin – More than just a Marketing Story

Busy urban lifestyles and growing concerns lead to stressed consumers searching for ways to re-balance their lives. When it comes to cosmetics, well-being and feeling beautiful is a profoundly emotional topic, and wellness cosmetics are often not more than marketing, selling a short break from stress of everyday life. But what is beauty and well-being really all about? Healthy skin is the basis of both. Keeping skin healthy and provide it with a sustainable feeling of well-being is a complex topic which requires more than just a Marketing story – namely scientific know-how and expertise. To make products smart, relevant and sustainable, highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients substantiated by science and studies are needed.

CLR develops actives that make skin healthy, resilient and simply beautiful, addressing the four cornerstones of skin health – Moisture Me, Feed Me, Balance Me and Protect Me.

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