Be pure. Be you. The smart way to define your beauty.

Be pure. Be you. The smart way to define your beauty.

Generation Z has grown up in a digitalized world and is focused on image-based platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The appearance of their digital personas is of extreme importance to them. In finding the perfect appearance, they break with traditional beauty ideals and define beauty their own way, celebrating uniqueness and imperfections. At the same time Gen Z members want brands to be reliable, responsible and transparent and their products to be clean and effective while easy to use and providing a playful experience.

With this in mind CLR developed its formulation concept “Be pure. Be you. The smart way to define your beauty.”


Discover the key ingredients of this concept:

Find your natural balance

AnnonaSense CLR™

  • Upcycled from food waste
  • Potentiates the skin’s endocannabinoid system
  • Goal-oriented solution for balanced skin
  • Adaptogenic approach for healthy skin & mind


Safeguard your skin and microbiota

ProRenew Complex CLR™

  • Postbiotic solution, sustainably produced, with convincing efficacy
  • Improves skin quality and health
  • Protects the skin’s delicate ecosystem
  • Supports the skin microbiota against aggressors and stress


Boost your skin health

MultiMoist CLR™

  • Natural prebiotic approach
  • Provides a complete solution for the next generation of smart moisturizers
  • With Vitamin D-like effects
  • Skin is better, feels better and looks better


Follow your own rules and discover unique solutions to express yourself – in a clean and easy way, enjoying playful textures, best performance and expertise you can trust.

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