An Exploration of the Mind-Skin Connection

Modern lifestyles are busy. Concerns about health of body and mind play an important role. Even before the pandemic, consumers had a clear focus on a healthier lifestyle and an increasingly holistic approach. The pandemic has further reinforced this trend.

Covid-19: immediate impact on our lives

  • serious concerns about health & safety
  • extremely high levels of stress, anxiety and sleep disturbance as a result of global lockdowns and concerns about the future

Consumers are now constantly searching for a sustainable balance between body and mind:

  • 3 in 5 Americans say they measure their personal success by their mental and physical health
  • 90% of consumers in Japan think it is important to manage their emotional well-being
  • 47% of Mexican consumers agree that the statement « I am actively seeking ways to reduce my stress » describes them very well

* Source: Lightspeed/ Mintel

The need for relaxation is especially high during the pandemic, but at the same time spas are closed and the experience of touch and closeness is reduced to a minimum. Selfcare and at home spa experiences become all the more important.

Self-Care Opportunities

  • at-home concepts which support concerns related to sleep, stress & anxiety
  • stress-relieving, calming and comforting products

From Japanese Zen and Indian Ayurveda to the Danish Hygge – concepts of balance and holistic health do resonate with consumers. Well-being and being in harmony with yourself are the basis for feeling beautiful. This is a profoundly emotional topic. Cosmetic products that provide us with a well-being experience (look, scent, texture, skin feel) give us a feeling of comfort and being good to ourselves.

Using a cosmetic product is also an experience of touch: how does the product feel on your skin, touching yourself when massaging in the product and finally the skin feel the product leaves behind.

The Relevance of Touch

Physical effects

  • strengthens the immune system
  • calms the heart rate and normalizes blood pressure

Physicological effects

  • lowers stress hormone levels
  • increases the happiness hormone level
  • reduces symptoms of anxiety

Skin that looks and feels good, improves our well-being and self-confidence.

Beauty Products Work

  • 59% of UK customers aged 18-55 said they felt more confident in their own skin after weeks of a reformed beauty routine at home
  • 53% of consumers in Japan think beauty and grooming routines are a good way to reduce stress
  • 71% of US consumers will continue to use showering/ bathing as a way to improve mental well-being, even after the pandemic

* Source: Glossybox survey

For our skin well-being and feeling comfortable can only be achieved when skin is healthy. Cosmetic products that aim to provide the consumer with a sustainable feeling of well-being need highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients to improve overall skin health.

Approaches to Skin Health

Adaptogenic approach for skin health and well-being

AnnonaSense CLR™

  • Based on the power of a superfruit
  • Potentiates the skin’s endocannabinoid system
  • Goal-oriented solution for balanced skin

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Calibrating the skin’s ecosystem

CutiBiome CLR™

  • Based on ancient wisdom and next generation skin microbiota research
  • Acts on the core problems of skin dysbiosis
  • Noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones

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Osmotic balance

MultiMoist CLR™

  • Natural prebiotic approach
  • Provides a complete solution for the next generation of smart moisturizers
  • With Vitamin D-like effects

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Postbiotic support for skin and its microbiota

ProRenew Complex CLR™

  • Postbiotic solution, sustainably produced, with convincing efficacy
  • Improves skin quality and health
  • Protects the skin’s delicate ecosystem

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