A life’s journey by CLR

Consumers are more educated and informed than ever about skin, hair, health and cosmetic ingredients. They have high demands in terms of product quality and efficacy and they seem to be increasingly  skeptical about marketing claims. Despite this, there is a profoundly emotional component in consumer perception of cosmetic products. It is the overall experience which makes a cosmetic product work for the consumer. This starts with the promises about the product on the pack, its fragrance and  the product’s ease of use and feel on the skin and even goes as far as the look and feel of the packaging itself. For the consumer, the use of cosmetics is a holistic experience.

In the shop, consumers make an emotional decision on what cosmetic product to buy. Only when they have a good feeling about a product they will be willing to invest in it. All in all, the essence of a brand’s success is in how good their products work and how they make the consumer feel. Consumers will only buy products which they expect to satisfy their expectations and, in general, preferably from brands they trust. In a world that becomes more complex every day brand loyalty is hard to come by. Successful brands, however, are able to keep their consumer loyal to them. Their consumers are familiar with their products, they know what to expect and have an overall holistic approach to the brand. The way it smells and the memories and emotions associated with the brand are the foundation on which brand loyalty is based.

With its long history, CLR is not just a producer of active ingredients for the cosmetic industry, it is a brand as such. We are loyal to our customers and our customers are loyal to us. This is something we are extremely proud of. CLR is the reliable partner to support you in creating products, which accompany consumer lives. Discover our emotional side and watch our story.




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