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Happy World Microbiome Day!

Beauty and personal care consumers are beginning to understand that the skin microbiome plays a vital role in the appearance and feel of their skin, and we are seeing more products claiming to contain prebiotic, probiotic, or postbiotic ingredients, or being labeled as microbiome-friendly. But what exactly do these claims mean?

Inspire Inclusion! – Happy International Women’s Day 2024

Here in Berlin, International Women’s Day is an official holiday and we can spend the day with our friends and families, relax at home or join one of the many rallies in the city, advocating women’s empowerment. This year’s theme “Inspire Inclusion” highlights the fact that women are not a homogenous group but that all of us have our own unique challenges and needs.

New formulation concept: Come As You Are

However we define beauty for us, it’s first and foremost about feeling comfortable. Every skin has its individual needs. Forget enlarged pores, acne, skin irritations, forget the first signs of skin aging and feel free to create your individual look!

International Women’s Day 2023

As the International Women’s Day is the day we recognize women’s achievements in all areas, we are proud to introduce you to three of our female colleagues from three different departments at CLR. We were curious about their stories and asked them what it is like to work in their specific fields of expertise.

Don’t be an ideal, just be you!

When we had the idea to deal with the topic of Body Positivity/ Body Neutrality, we quickly realized how complex this topic is. Everyone liked the idea, but when asked how positively they themselves feel about their bodies and how they see the topic in society, it quickly became clear that there is still a lot to move…

Acting together – CLR launches CSR program

Sustainability and social responsibility are not new topics for us, but have long been firmly anchored in our integrated management system. With our“Acting together” program, we now bundle our activities, look proudly at what we have achieved, make new commitments and continue on our path to a more sustainable company.

It’s time to shine!

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow! The holidays are approaching and lights are twinkling everywhere. When we get together with family and…

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