World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day

For a long time, Menopause used to be a topic that was only discussed privately among women. But 44% of women over 40 name premenopausal and menopausal skin care products as their unmet beauty need, as this study by AARP revealed. Just recently skin care brands became aware of this gap and started developing products tailored for the needs of women between 40 and 55.

During menopause a woman’s hormonal balance changes which also affects her skin: Wrinkles become deeper, firmness decreases while dryness increases and irritations and age spots may occur. A holistic approach to catering for the needs of women during menopause also takes their mental health into consideration as they often experience mood swings, hot flashes and sleep disorders.

For World Menopause Day take some inspiration from three formulations dedicated to women during menopause.

Our Luxury Well-Being Mask is the perfect way to relax and practice self-care while enjoying the luxurious scent and pleasant texture. AnnonaSense CLR™ reduces sensitivity and irritations while improving skin appearance and perception of well-being. ProRenew Complex CLR™ effectively supports and protects the skin microbiota. The skin is purified, moisturized and strengthened for a silky soft touch and a healthy even complexion.

The Night Recovery Face Toner with AnnonaSense CLR™ and MultiMoist CLR™ cleans and nourishes the skin in the evening for a relaxed night rest and fresh and hydrated look in the morning.

Our Firming Night Serum with MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex and Phytosan™ K reduces visible signs of aging by reactivating cellular repair processes while supporting the maintenance of cellular integrity and counteracting photoaging.


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