Youthful bright eyes! 08.2017

The eyes are one of the first features people look at when meeting other people. They are incredibly important in the attractiveness of a person. This makes the eye area a key focus for many consumers. Dark circles make us look tired, unhealthy and older than we are. This can have a significant impact on quality of life, especially as the appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect our lifestyle and how we really feel.

The pathophysiology of dark circles is extremely multifactorial, with different physiological processes being intertwined with each other. In reducing the appearance of dark circles it is therefore essential to find the common causes for the different processes which lead to the formation of dark circles. Aging-related factors, both biological and accelerated by sunlight, are important and should be addressed. But hyperpigmentation can play a prominent role in the appearance of dark circles.
Active ingredients for relevant eye care products targeting dark circles should not only focus on lightening, but should also address other important aspects in the formation of dark circles. Because of the extremely delicate skin in the eye area they should be as safe as possible and highly effective with proven results. CLR’s new active ingredient JuvenEye CLR™ was carefully designed to tick all the boxes.

JuvenEye CLR™

JuvenEye CLR™ is Cosmos-approved and all natural, based on a synergistic combination of extracts of Hieracium pilosella and the flowers of Bellis perennis. To effectively fight dark circles, JuvenEye CLR™ addresses the most important aspects in their formation and maintenance:

  • Promotes production of Heme Oxygenase and breakdown of Heme
  • Increases production of VEGF-C, improving lymphatic draining
  • Reduces melanin deposition and promotes cellular autophagy

In in vivo studies where JuvenEye CLR™ was compared with a corresponding placebo formulation it could be seen that JuvenEye CLR™ clearly reduces the visibility of dark
circles. Both the color and the surface area of dark circles were reduced significantly.
JuvenEye CLR™  is a highly effective and safe active ingredient for relevant eyecare
products targeting dark circles and overall skin health for youthful bright eyes.

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Night Lifting Eye Care

This rich cream gel combines two highly effective active ingredients for an ideal night care, leaving skin matte and soft. MPC™ - Milk Peptide Complex reduces wrinkles, firms and smoothes skin extraordinary quickly and effectively. Our brand new JuvenEye CLR™ visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles. Both the color and the surface area of dark circles are reduced significantly. A perfect combination for regenerated skin and a visibly rested and youthful appearance.

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