Winter Wellness for happy skin & hair! 12.18

Winter is a big challenge for both our skin and hair. Low temperatures outside, freezing wind and dry air indoors have tremendous effects. Skin gets dry, rough and itchy. Dry skin feels uncomfortable and looks less attractive, showing more fine lines and wrinkles. Hair gets drier too and is much frizzier than it is in summer. Lack of exposure to sunlight in winter also has huge implications for us. Vitamin D deficiency is a well-recognized problem. As vitamin D plays an essential role in the skin‘s moisture level and barrier function, a deficiency in vitamin D leads to even drier skin. When we have Vitamin D deficiency, it is difficult to address. The ultimate goal, therefore, is to make the most of the vitamin D we are able to produce so that the skin is provided with optimum moisturization. Activation of the vitamin D receptor is the key to achieving this and this is exactly what MultiMoist CLR™ was developed for.

When it gets cold outside and cozy inside, popular Scandinavian well-being concepts such as Hygge or Lagom are more attractive to consumers. Appearance and discomfort of dry skin and hair can have a negative effect on personal well-being and quality of life. Effective winter care should therefore address moisture and protection to keep skin and hair healthy and to provide the consumer with a winter wellness feeling.

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MultiMoist CLR™

MultiMoist CLR™ provides a complete solution for moisturizing skincare products. It increases production and activation of the vitamin D receptor and potentiates the effects of vitamin D. MultiMoist CLR™ also promotes epidermal differentiation, an essential feature in obtaining well moisturized skin. Its immediate and long-lasting moisturizing activity was convincingly proven with multiple complementary in vivo technologies and in a consumer study.

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5 in 1 Overnight Hair Mask

The rich texture of this hair mask comforts stressed winter hair overnight and provides it with a highly effective 5 in 1 solution: hair is perfectly moisturized, conditioned and protected against hair breakage, static flyaway and color fading. 

Two highly potent active ingredients work synergistically together for beautiful and healthy hair. MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte have strong hair moisturizing and conditioning abilities. Combability is increased, hair breakage, static flyaway and hair frizziness are significantly reduced. MultiMoist CLR™ also protects hair against color fading caused by repeated washing.

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All Day Mask 24/7

Harsh weather conditions in combination with busy lifestyles can leave skin feeling stressed in winter, leading to imbalances which make our skin look tired and unhealthy. To protect skin in the best way, a highly effective moisturizer is key.

This rich leave-on mask is carefully developed to provide a pleasant skin feel all day long. MultiMoist CLR™ activates production of the vitamin D receptor and promotes the VDR’s activation, compensating for a lack of vitamin D during darker winter times.  It deeply hydrates skin and leaves it purified, revitalized and smooth in one step – for happy skin with a healthy glow.

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Moisture Me Intensive Hand & Body Cream

In winter, skin is highly stressed by cold weather and heated rooms, and often shows all signs of dry skin. It needs special attention and easy solutions to give a silky soft touch all day long. This cream was developed to leave hands and body moisturized and nurtured for a long lasting feeling of well-being.

MultiMoist CLR™ provides hands and body with immediately and long-lasting moisturizing effects for all day hydration and extra care. The luxuriously rich texture is easily absorbed and provides skin with a great and non-sticky skin feel as well as a light flowery scent to comfort all your senses.

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