Wellness and Well-being! 01.2018

The world is changing rapidly. Many people worry about where the world is going. Politics, pollution, busy lifestyles and a constant feeling of mental and physical overload etc. have an important impact on our quality of life. The consumer’s focus is shifting. ‘Me time’ is important, the consumer is in a constant pursuit of personal wellness and well-being, health and feeling good about themselves. Scandinavian approaches such as the Danish Hygge and Swedish Lagom to help find more balance and happiness in life are growing trends. 

Wellness = health and well-being = happiness. Wellness and well-being are obviously intertwined. With well-being comes wellness and the other way around. Wellness and well-being are incredibly important forces in the consumer goods market, which includes the personal care market and the world of spas and beauticians. 

Wellness products improve health, they may have to provide a solution to a problem. They need to be effective and safe. Where better to go to than CLR! 

Overall well-being with DayMoist CLR™

To provide skin with a feeling of well-being it is essential to keep skin hydrated. Dry skin is rough and feels uncomfortable, also wrinkles are more visible. Appearance and discomfort of dry skin can have a negative impact on well-being and quality of life. DayMoist CLR™ is a highly effective and all natural moisturizer. Skin is hydrated immediately and long-lasting, it improves hair’s mechanical properties, prevents hair breakage and protects against heat damage and color fading. Its proven benefits for skin and hair make DayMoist CLR™ the perfect choice for a holistic well-being approach. It is easy to use and suitable for a complete range of wellness products from head to toe. 

Draw inspiration from our formulations 

2-Phases Hydrafresh Water

In this liquid care formulation water and oil are mixed. The oil phase is visible as sparkling droplets, giving this formulation a wow-effect. The watery texture is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a sticky film on skin so it is immediately ready for makeup. DayMoist CLR™ provides skin with an optimum of hydration, leaving skin moisturized and supple for the day.  Vitamin F forte repairs and maintains the skin’s natural barrier function, making skin smoother and healthier. The smart combination of these two highly effective moisturizing active ingredients provides skin with essential elements needed to look and feel better. In addition the texture, look and skin feel of this formulation make it a holistic well-being experience. 

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