Summer in your eyes! 07.2017

In summer we want it all – a relaxed, beautiful look with an attractive glow, showing we had a good day on the beach, enjoyed the sunshine and having holiday feeling. Beauty is closely related to health, an even, rosy skin tone with moisturized lips and a fresh look is the ideal of beauty.   

Everyday life isn’t usually like a relaxed summer day. Most people live a demanding life, struggling with keeping body and mind in balance. For many people a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are not enough to de-stress skin and let it glow. The stress they feel is reflected in the state of their skin. Especially the eyes have a large impact on whether we look healthy and attractive as opposed to tired and older than we really are. Expression lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles in particular are features which are important in this. It is extremely important for an effective eye care product to target these skin conditions – to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to support the thin and delicate skin around the eye area in draining excess fluid effectively, to strengthen the skin’s immune system, and to address the most important aspects in the formation and maintenance of dark circles. Our formulation of the month will show you how an all in one eye care product with three highly effective active ingredients from CLR can achieve this goal.

Anti Dark & Detox Eye Lotion

This light and non-sticky lotion is the perfect summer care product for beautiful, illuminated eyes. It’s slightly cooling and leaves skin feel silky smooth. JuvenEye CLR™ clearly reduces the visibility of dark circles, both the color and the surface area of dark circles are reduced significantly. ProBioBalance CLR™ NP modulates the skin immune system, and induces detoxifying waste recycling processes inside skin cells for balanced skin. MPC™ quickly and effectively improves skin thickness around the eyes and reduces wrinkles. The combination of these three highly effective ingredients is the perfect all in one care for youthful bright and beautiful eyes.

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New! JuvenEye CLR™

Based on a synergistic combination of extracts of Hieracium pilosella and the flowers of Bellis perennis, JuvenEye CLR™ addresses the most important dermatological processes in the formation and maintenance of dark circles. It activates vital processes which allow for the breakdown of heme, which is both dark-colored and plays an important role in the etiology of dark circles. JuvenEye CLR™ also activates dermal draining, through its ability to increase the production of VEGF-C. Excess fluids, electrolytes and immune cells are drained away more effectively. With the use of JuvenEye CLR™ melanin deposition in the skin is reduced and overall skin health is improved.

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ProBioBalance CLR™ NP

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP combines the benefits from nutritive milk ingredients and protective bifidus cell compounds to obtain a healthy, probiotic nutritional basis for skin. It supplies the skin with nutritive elements and allows for the activation of detoxification processes with a skin-balancing effect. The metabolic activity of skin cells is increased, the skin’s immune system strengthened and the skin is better able to deal with environmental stress.

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MPC™– Milk Peptide Complex

MPC™– Milk Peptide Complex contains a complex of activated natural signaling molecules derived from milk.  With its unique biological activity it is the perfect active ingredient for concepts with the aim to re-activate a youthful look, to boost skin and to provide skin with a comfortable feeling.

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