Skip Care – focus on the essential 02.19

South Korea is still one of the world’s most innovative and fastest-changing beauty markets. This success is built on continuous product innovation, short product life circles and Korean women’s preoccupation with the look of their skin, which is expressed in a multiple step skin care routine with up to 10 steps. But the younger generation tends now to go back to basics and a more minimalist lifestyle approach. Overwhelmed by a complex world and busy lifestyles there is a growing need to keep things simple and manageable. Another aspect is that beauty minimalists do believe that the layering of multiple skin care products is not good for their skin. Keeping skin healthy and support it in functioning well is the goal. This leads to consumers reflecting what their personal skin care needs really are. The rising trend of Skip Care intends to skip all products the skin doesn’t need and to focus instead on products that really work. Products with multiple benefits and highly effective active ingredients allow the consumer to reduce the amount of products used without making any compromises in terms of skin benefits.

Ampoule Treatment

This light and pleasant formulation supplies skin with a comprehen­sive answer to the many types of damage done by sunlight. PhytoDefense CLR™ and SyriCalm™ CLR (PC) both soothe and calm the skin whilst enabling it to recover quickly and rebuild its dense and well-organized structure. This action is further sup­ported by Vitamin F forte, which supplies the skin with essential ingredients for it to re-create its barrier function. ProRenew Complex CLR™ NP and ProBioBalance CLR™ NP, which are both based on probiotic technology, help the skin cells strengthen their immunological capacity.

They enable the skin cells to repair their damage from within.

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Balance Me All-in-One Eye Care Solution

The skin around the eyes is prone to start sagging and becomes wrinkled during aging. Many people suffer from dark circles, which have a big impact on the healthy look of a person. On top of that, the skin around the eyes is extremely thin and vulnerable. Effective eye care products need to combine actives addressing all these phenomena. This light gel contains an intelligent mix of four active ingredients and pampers the eye area with an instant feeling of freshness and comfort.

MPC™ - Milk Peptide Complex effectively reduces crow’s feet. ProBioBalance CLR™ NP balances the skin, making it less sensi­tive and more robust. JuvenEye CLR™ works deep inside the skin, fighting dark circles. MultiMoist CLR™ provides skin with instant hydration.

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