Skin Microbiome, Probiotics and Skin Care! 10.2017

‘Bacteria’ are a buzzword in the cosmetic industry. An increasing number of brands claim they do something beneficial for the skin microflora. At the same time, more and more cosmetic products make use of active ingredients based on probiotic bacteria and make them part of their marketing story. Can probiotic active ingredients do something good for the skin microflora?

The microbes living on our skin are different from the probiotic bacteria living inside our body. They play the exact same role, though, just in different parts of our body. The skin microflora makes sure that the skin cannot be invaded by pathogenic bacteria and it positively influences the quality of our skin. This includes the skin’s own ability to manage its microbiome and keep it healthy. A perfect example of a positive feedback loop.

The epithelial cells inside our body, on which the probiotic bacteria reside, are strongly related to the keratinocytes in the top layer of our skin and if you know the science behind the interaction between the bacteria and the cells they live on top of, no matter inside our body or on our skin, only one conclusion can be drawn: probiotic lysates, like our ProRenew Complex CLRTM, potentiate the skin’s ability to manage its microbiome.

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Skin Microbiome and ProRenew Complex CLR™

The skin itself is the most important factor in improving or balancing the skin microbiome. Supporting the skin microbiome implies, therefore, supporting and improving the skin’s epidermal renewal processes. This can be achieved with ProRenew Complex CLR™. In vitro studies showed that the positive influence of ProRenew Complex CLR™ on the differentiation processes is remarkable. This was confirmed in in vivo studies, where it was shown that ProRenew Complex CLR™ improves the desquamation process and allows for a quicker recovery of the skin barrier properties. It was also able to improve the production of AMP’s, like cathelicidin and ß-defensin-1, 2 essential factors for the skin in managing its microbiome.

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Exciting Concepts with ProRenew Complex CLR™
Aging Well

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is a smart aging solution for a fresh and youthful complexion. It reconditions the biological processes in the skin, ensures healthy and effective skin resurfacing and bans dullness. ProRenew Complex CLR™ reprograms the skin and helps it getting rid of dead skin cells. It improves skin dryness and roughness so that skin can reveal its original beauty and soft feel again.

Immune Support

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is a personal health assistant for beautiful skin. Skin becomes more robust and resilient against external influences. The probiotic ingredients stimulate skin’s own immunocompetence, so it can handle the stresses it is exposed to. The skin’s quality, density and shielding functions are enhanced. For a skin that is visibly and tangibly healthy and fit.

Natural Protection

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is a dedicated ‘self-defense trainer’ for the skin. It supports skin in upholding its barrier function and ward off negative influences like pollution, chemicals and microbes. It also strengthens skin and makes sure that, if it should become damaged, it is able to quickly recover. ProRenew Complex CLR™ coaches the skin in performing its job as an effective, lasting physical barrier the best it can.

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Probiotic Moist Essence

Extremely light formulation which is instantly absorbed by skin leaving a smooth and pleasant feel. Specifically developed for skin which needs support to stay hydrated. DayMoist CLR™ workfrom the ‘top down’ enabling the upper layers of skin to hold on to much needed water, for skin to maintain or re-obtain its barrier function and smoothness. ProRenew Complex CLR™ works from the ‘bottom up’ and supports the biological mechanisms inside the skin which are responsible for its renewal processes. These are accelerated and improved, therefore skin becomes more robust.

This essence provides skin with a holistic and effective answer to its most important needs in a stressful environment.

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