Skin Balance. 03.2018

To achieve a feeling of personal well-being keeping life in balance is the top goal for most of today’s consumers. The condition of the skin plays an important role in this process as an even, attractive skin tone with an appealing glow and a relaxed, beautiful look is closely related to health. Imbalances in the skin (whatever they are) negatively influence our appearance and charisma. The condition of the skin depends decisively on a tightly regulated balance between skin cell functions. Whenever it is imbalanced the skin needs help from effective active ingredients to solve the problem and regain a healthy complexion.

Our eyes have a large impact on whether we look healthy and attractive. Dark circles and irritated skin make us look tired, unhealthy and older than we are. This can have a significant impact on quality of life, especially as the appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect our lifestyle and how we really feel.

For an effective eye care product, it is extremely important to re-balance skin and, to soothe and calm irritation, to support the thin and delicate skin around the eye area in draining excess fluid and to address the most important aspects in the formation and maintenance of dark circles. Because of the extremely delicate skin in the eye area they should be as safe as possible and highly effective with proven results. CLR offers a wide range of suitable actives carefully designed to tick all the boxes.

Effective skin balance with JuvenEye CLR™

Dark circles under the eyes are a common phenomenon. Men and women are equally affected and, although aging plays a causative role, dark circles are seen in people of all ages. The pathophysiology of dark circles is extremely multifactorial, with different physiological processes being intertwined with each other. In reducing the appearance of dark circles it is therefore essential to find the common causes for the different processes which lead to the formation of dark circles.

To successfully reduce dark circles, it is important to focus on physiological events which stand at the crossroads of biological processes, inducing the formation of dark circles. Heme is an important factor, as it has a dark color in itself and induces multiple cellular processes that are important in both formation of dark circles and the vicious circle of events which seem to worsen and maintain this phenomenon. Increasing lymphatic drainage is another essential issue. Edema is reduced, and hemoglobin, heme as well as macrophages are removed. Additionally, melanin deposition should be addressed.

JuvenEye CLR™, based on a synergistic combination of extracts of Hieracium pilosella and the flowers of Bellis perennis, was designed to address the most important aspects in the formation and persistence of dark circles. JuvenEye CLR™ induces the production of heme oxygenase and VEGF-C, activates autophagy and increases cellular functionality and energy. It also reduces melanin deposition. The appearance of dark circles, their color and surface area are reduced.

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Calming Eyes Ampoule

Many people suffer from dark circles, which have a big impact on the healthy look of a person. On top of that, the skin around the eyes is extremely thin and vulnerable. Effective eye care products need to combine actives addressing all these phenomena.

Two highly concentrated active ingredients work synergistically in providing soothed and healthy skin with an even and attractive complexion. JuvenEye CLR™ works deep inside the skin, fighting dark circles, balancing hyperpigmentation and improving lymphatic draining. SyriCalm™ CLR (PC), which is extremely soothing to skin, not only efficiently fights inflammation but also improves skin quality in general. Skin structure is strengthened, which makes skin stronger and more resilient.

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