The relevance of probiotic cosmetics for consumers 10.18

Probiotic skincare is enjoying a lot of attention in the cosmetic market at the moment. Today’s modern consumers are well educated and demanding. They look for cosmetics that are natural and sustainable, supporting their skin in maintaining skin health while easy to use and highly effective. They appreciate the idea of making use of the technologies delivered to us by beneficial bacteria and rightfully so. There is a growing body of evidence on the advantages for skin of both oral uptake of probiotic bacteria and the topical use of so-called postbiotics, lysates of probiotic bacteria. They improve skin structure and barrier properties and support the skin in protecting itself against harmful influences from the outside, making them more than a trend. They are extremely relevant for consumers.

The condition of the skin plays an important role in the overall process of well-being. A disbalance in the skin negatively influences our overall look as well as the ability to relax and to recover. As a consequence, not only the skin but the whole body becomes more sensitive to the stresses it is exposed to. The health and resilience of the skin decisively depend on a tightly regulated balance between different cell functions. Whereas probiotic food supports protective mechanisms in our gut, supporting bodily health, probiotic cosmetics transfer those benefits to the skin.

CLR Berlin has been making use of probiotic bacteria for the production of active ingredients for skincare since the late 1970s. We have and are continuing to work on this technology, learning about what they can do for skin and how they actually work, virtually every day. Since the beginning, CLR has made lysates of probiotic bacteria, meaning that the bacterial cells are not just dead, but completely disintegrated, making sure that skin cells can get access to all molecules produced by the bacteria, not just those on the outer cell surface.

Probiotic active ingredients from CLR combine effectiveness, science and biomimetics with biotechnology, sustainability and naturalness. They are proven to work and are the perfect choice for a wide variety of skincare concepts.

ProRenew Complex CLR™

ProRenew Complex CLR™ supports skin in upholding its barrier function and ward off negative influences like pollution, chemicals and microbes. It also strengthens skin and makes sure that, if it should become damaged, it is able to quickly recover. It coaches the skin in performing its job as an effective, lasting physical barrier the best it can. In many scientific studies, it was proven that ProRenew Complex CLR™ boosts the production of biomolecules which are vital for the quality of skin as a physical barrier. It accelerates and improves the skin renewal process, which is essential in upholding these qualities.

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Probiotic Moisture Bi-phase Serum

In this innovative and active formulation water and oil are mixed. The frosty look gives this formulation a wow-effect.

MultiMoist CLR™ deeply hydrates skin and leaves it purified, revitalized and smooth in one step. ProRenew Complex CLR™ is based on a lysate of probiotic bacteria, which are renowned for their ability to promote health. This not only applies to our gut, but also our skin. ProRenew Complex CLR™ makes sure that the health of our skin and skin cells is safeguarded. Healthy skin looks good, feels good and is not sensitive to external stresses.

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