Glycoderm™ (P)

GlycodermP CLR
  • moisturizing
  • barrier maintenance and repair

Glycoderm™ (P) is a liposomal moisturizer, where plant derived liposomal bilayers contain biotechnologically produced hyaluronic acid and natural blossom honey. Its liposomal structure supports quick absorption of hyaluronic acid and blossom honey.

Consequently, Glycoderm™ (P) constitutes a polyvalent approach toward skin hydration by supporting the maintenance and recovery of the skin’s lipid barrier function and supplying the skin with essential ingredients that are able to bind water and moisturize skin.

INCI Name: 
Water, Honey, Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Hyaluronic Acid
3.0 – 5.0%
pH range: 
3.0 – 10.0

phenoxyethanol and dehydracetic acid (Na salt)