Press Pause with CLR. 04.2018

Well-being for your skin - more than just a marketing story

Busy urban lifestyles and growing concerns lead to stressed consumers searching for ways to re-balance their lives. When it comes to cosmetics, products that provide us with a holistic well-being experience (look, scent, texture, skin feel, etc.) give us a feeling of comfort and being good to ourselves. Being in harmony with yourself and feeling beautiful is a profoundly emotional topic, and wellness cosmetics are often not more than marketing, selling a short break from stress of everyday life.

But what is beauty and well-being really all about? Healthy skin is the basis of both. Keeping skin healthy and provide it with a sustainable feeling of well-being is a complex topic which requires more than just a marketing story – namely scientific know-how and expertise. To make products smart, relevant and sustainable, highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients substantiated by science and studies are needed.

Make it simple. Be smart. Press Pause with actives from CLR. They address the four cornerstones of skin health, can be combined easily and offer the consumer a holistic solution. With an in-depth knowledge of the skin, its processes and needs, CLR develops actives that make skin healthy, resilient and simply beautiful – for relevant cosmetics.

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The four cornerstones of healthy skin
Moisture Me

Optimal moisturization is essential for skin in maintaining its functionality and youthful appearance. Support skin in controlling its hydration level.

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Feed Me

The health of skin depends on a delicate balance between biological processes. To ensure that all these processes work in harmony, support skin with highly effective beneficial nutrition.

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Balance Me

Skin is challenged by a variety of external stress factors, leading to, e.g., sensitive skin, inflammation, uneven pigmentation. Support skin with targeted solutions to regain stress-free and more resilient skin.

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Protect Me

To perform its job as an effective, lasting physical barrier, skin needs support in maintaining its quality and its skin-protective functions.  Help skin to effectively help itself.

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Moisture Me Intensive Hand Cream

Our hands are highly stressed day by day and often show all signs of dry skin. They need special attention and easy on-the-go solutions to give them a silky soft touch all day long. This Intensive Hand Cream was developed to leave hands moisturized and nurtured for a long-lasting feeling of well-being.

Our new MultiMoist CLR™ provides hands with immediately and long-lasting moisturizing effects for all day hydration and extra care. The luxuriously rich texture is easily absorbed and provides skin with a great and non-sticky skin feel as well as a light flowery scent to comfort all your senses – wherever you are.

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