Personalize yourself! 06.2017

Personalization is one of the key trends in the market place, wherever in the world you look. Everybody has her or his preferences or specific needs. Different pillows to choose from in your hotel, or a ‘grande half-caf, half-sweet, no-whip, coconut milk, cinnamon dolce latte with agave and no topping’ at your favorite coffee shop, or cosmetic products designed especially for you. Individuality is the consumer’s mantra. Gender, ethnicity, age, lifestyle, personality, these are the key features which fuel this trend. It is more than a trend, this is a matter of survival for the cosmetic industry.

A growing number of brands are starting to realize that one size does not fit all. ‘Custom Blend’ and ‘BIY – Blend It Yourself’ are well-known and growing approaches in the cosmetics market. In the skincare market this movement can easily be recognized. More and more influential brands offer base formulations where the consumer can add ingredients, best fitting to their needs. Personalized efficacy obtained by a blend you made yourself, a win-win-situation for both consumer and the cosmetic industry.

This approach does demand a lot from the active ingredients used. They need to be exceptionally safe and incredibly efficacious at the same time. Blending them into a finished formulation should be easy and quick. Not all active ingredients on the market fit to these needs. CLR has some great active ingredients in its portfolio, which tick all the boxes to be exceptionally suitable for personalized skincare. See below for some inspiration.

Personalized Care - Summer Basic Serum

This light and effective serum is the perfect base formulation for beautiful skin. DayMoist CLR™ makes sure the upper layers of the skin are immediately and sustainably moisturized, making skin smooth and soft. Take a few drops and gently massage into your skin to enjoy a great skin feel all day long!

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Now personalize with
SyriCalm™ CLR (PC) (3%) - to balance and soothe your skin

Life is demanding, and external stresses are challenging our skin every day. SyriCalm™ CLR (PC) combines two purely natural ingredients to assist skin to maintain its balance and keep inflammations under control.

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Phytosan™ K (3%) - to slow down aging

An active and healthy lifestyle is essential for a smart way of aging. Phytosan™ K increases and helps maintain the necessary level of cellular energy and viability to counteract skin aging effectively. The visible results are firm and smooth skin without wrinkles.

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ProRenew Complex CLR™ (3%) - to boost your skin

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is a personal health assistant and immune supporter for your skin: its probiotic ingredients stimulate skin´s own immunocompetence, so it can handle the stresses it is exposed to better. For a skin that is visibly healthy and fit.

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